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01/01/11: What Can I Do?

January 1st, 2011

Happy New Years Everybody! It’s the first new day of a new month of the New Year! It’s also probably 12PM by the time you’re reading this after staying up all night!

So, what can you get up to today? Well, for starters:

1. Nurse your hangover. There’s a reason everything and everywhere is closed. No one can lift their head. A night of dancing, singing, chilling with friends and boozing has everybody glad the next new years party isn’t for another 365 days!

2. Enjoy your Gifts – because really, since Christmas and New Years are really close together, when did you have time to enjoy them. The five days between the two holidays are really just filler for meeting with friends, arranging dinner and get-togethers, boxing day sales and returns, and planning what you’re going to wear and who’s going to be the designated driver for new years. So now that it’s all over, enjoy your gifts and be merry. And rested.

3. Make your resolutions – It’s the first day of the New Year. What are you going to change about your life? This is the year to get over your break-ups and enjoy the single life or the year to find the one? Is this the year of the make-over? The year for good grades? Acing Bio? Changing friends? Is this is the year to hit the gym or the year to say screw it, I like be seasonally plump! Write it down, stick to it, and make it happen!

4. Any work over the holidays? You know how bosses and teachers and profs sometimes think a holiday isn’t a holiday; that’s its just more time for you to finish your assignments? Yes, sad but true, those people do exist and you may be one of their victims. But victim or not, you only have two more days to finish what you put off you procrastinators, so get on it!

5. – it’s now or never people. With brand new episodes of all your favourite shows just around the corner, it’s time to get caught up. All the hustle and bustle of the holidays kept you busy so it’s time to get on the recaps, check out the videos, check out shows you may have missed like Hard Times or relive your favourite moments from Degrassi. We’ve got playlists, videos, mixes, and TONS AND TONS of extra special HOLIDAY WRAP blogs, so check them out!




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