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10 celebrities who you probably didn’t know were related

May 27th, 2014


If you thought your family parties were awkward and unbearable imagine what it would be like for some of these celebrities who share other famous relatives.

Elle and Dakota Fanning and Kate Middleton
Historians at are reporting that Elle Fanning is related Princess Kate Middleton. The site says that Elle and her sister Dakota Fanning are both distant granddaughter to England’s King Edward III. And the fact that Kate Middleton’s mom is also a descendant of King Edward III basically makes Elle and Dakota royalty. I wonder if Kate will let Elle and Dakota babysit Prince George.


Ellen Degeneres and Kate Middleton
Elle and Dakota aren’t the only ones with familial ties to the Duchess of Cambridge. Ellen Degeneres revealed on her show that Kate Middleton and her are distant cousins. The future Queen of England and the current Queen of talk shows.


Ellen Degeneres and Madonna
Ellen seems to have some famous ancestors. Singer Madonna and her are 11th cousins.


Ryan Gosling, Justin Bieber, Avril Lavigne, Celine Dion
Oh Canada! It seems Canada’s most famous exports all have a family connection. states that Justin are Ryan are 11th cousins once removed while Justin and Avril are 12th cousins. Justin and Celine are 10th cousins three times removed and share a relative who immigrated to Quebec from France.


Melissa McCarthy and Jenny McCarthy
The funny lady and view host are apparently cousins. Who would have thought?


Brandy and Snoop Lion
Snoop Lion, Brandy, and her brother Ray J, are all first cousins. I imagine their family parties must be fun.


Julia Roberts and Emma Roberts
If the last name didn’t tip you off but, yes Julia and Emma are related. Julia’s brother Eric Roberts is actually Emma’s father.

Julia Roberts and Emma Roberts at LA movie premiere of Valentine's Day

Lenny Kravitz and Al Roker
The singer and the famous weather man are seconds with Lenny’s mom and AL being first cousins.


Madonna and Lady Gaga
Madonna and Lady Gaga have an umm… interesting relationship, but it may gotten a little more complicated. The two pop divas are ninth cousins once removed and share a relative, a French immigrant who came into Quebec in 1600.


Rashida Jones and Quincy Jones
Rashida Jones may be known for her comedic roles, but it’s her famous father that first showed her life in the spotlight. Rashida is daughter of famous music producer Quincy Jones.


Taylor Swift and Willie Nelson
Country is literally in Taylor Swift’s genes. She is 9th cousins once removed with Willie Nelson and also has ties with Reba Mcentire.


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