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11 ways to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of Mean Girls

April 30th, 2014


Mean Girls celebrates its 10-year anniversary today to which we say, “That’s so fetch!” But also, holy crap we are officially old. This hit film has spent the past decade becoming a mainstay in our vocabulary, conversations and Tumblr feeds and it’s about time we gave it the proper salute.

Here are 11 ways you can celebrate the big day!

1. Today is Wednesday: are you wearing pink?
If you’re not, you can’t sit with us.


2. Give another girl a compliment.
Girls are often stereotyped for being catty to one another, but try and do something nice today to a classmate or coworker and give them a cute little compliment, Gretchen Wieners-style.


But please mean it. Don’t be a Regina.


3. Go ahead, admit you think you’re pretty.
Girls are always deemed vain or narcissistic if they are openly proud of the way they look, but eff that: you’re allowed to think you’re hot sh*t! Confidence is a girl’s best accessory.


Same goes for guys!


4. Draw inspiration from a friend.
That’s what friends are for!


5. Stand up against creepy guys.
Don’t just let skeezball comments go, one must defend themselves from boys and their rude comments.

giphy (1)

6. Avoid butter.
Don’t waste time wondering if butter is a carb…


Instead, just do this.

giphy (2)

7. Open up and share your feelings.
It’s never fun to bottle up your feelings so tell everyone what you’re thinking! You’ll feel much better afterwards, we promise.


8. Learn about sex.
Get educated!

giphy (3)

9. Expand your vocabulary.
Heck, create new words if you must!


10. Start your own trend.
Someone is bound to take your lead.


11. Grab your BFFs and watch the movie all over again!
Relive all of the amazing moments and see how many quotes you remember!

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