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12 Life Lessons We Learned From Arthur

September 3rd, 2014


Unless you spent your childhood living under a rock or locked away in a poorly furnished basement with no TV, than you’ve probably seen the legendary children’s show Arthur. Everyone fell in love with the glasses wearing aardvark and his group of animal friends as they navigated the tough world of the third grade. It may seem like an immature show, but Arthur’s problems were real. Like the time he though Mr. Ratburn ate nails, or when he punched D.W. for breaking his model plane (Team Arthur). Arthur was one of the highlights of my childhood. Always rushing home from school so I can see what shenanigans the Ellewood City gang was up to. And here’s a little confession; sometimes I still watch it. What? Just because it’s a kid’s show doesn’t mean Arthur is any less awesome.

This week the iconic show celebrated it’s 18th anniversary. Can you believe that? 18 years of D.W’s whining, Buster’s food cravings, Brain’s know-it-all attitude, and Muffy’s fabulessness. And while the show is targeted towards a younger demographic, it still has many life lessons that transcend age. Here’s to the show that made stop and think everyday when we walked down the street and the lessons it taught us.


1. Dieting is hard work.


2. But cake will always be delicious



3. How to spell aardvark. A-A-R-D-V-A-R-K

4. Pants are the keys to success


5. Being cute is all that matters


6. Arthur has conquered the aging process


7. Attitude is the best fashion accessory

200 (7)

8. Skipping is the only way to get around


9. There’s no limit to the amount of times you can play Crazy Bus

10. The 80s were a dark time


11. Everyone deserves love


12. There’s nothing cooler than the library



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