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13 Times You Were Totally Jealous of Comic Con Cosplayers

July 28th, 2014


Over the weekend San Diego was invaded by aliens, superheros, and dragons, as the city hosted the annual Comic Con convention. The weekend long event traditionally was meant for having panel discussion on popular movies and television shows. However, over time Comic Con has become more about dressing up and fangirling over your favorite celebrity. Cosplay has become more acceptable and the weekend has basically become one giant costume party. Comic Con is all about having the most elaborate and realistic costumes imaginable. These cosplayers take this weekend very seriously and make a store-bought Spiderman costume look like burlap sack. And the tradition continued this year. Check out these people who totally won Comic Con. These people properly answer the question: “if you go to Comic Con and don’t dress up, did you even go?”

I think Hugh Jackman would approve.


This is the only good thing to come out of Sharknado.


They must have paid a small fortune to perfect their costume.


They make evil look so good.


From the cheek bones to the horns to the crow, this is perfect.


Not only is she the Mother of Dragons, she’s also the mother of Game of Throne cosplay.


The Mockingjay has arrived.

image (1)

And you thought Batman and Bane were enemies.

image (2)

They even had an inflatable Toothless.


From Thor’s hair to Loki’s glare, they win at life.


Do you wanna do Frozen cosplay?


I wonder how he breaths in that mask?


How long do you think it’ll take him to was off all that make up?


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