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14 Reasons why Mariah Carey is the diva the world needs

July 3rd, 2014


Mariah Carey has always been known for her diva behaviour. She is always dressed in the most elaborate gowns, wears over-sized sunglasses, and has the most outrageous demands. But lately the world has forgotten about the true diva queen. Her latest album Me. I am Mariah … The Elusive Chanteuse didn’t perform too well on the charts. And she recently received flack for tweeting a photo she claimed was recent but was really from 1997. But fear not lambs. I recognize Mariah for the true icon she is. Never forget that Mariah Carey is the diva the world needs and deserves all our respect.

1. She revers to her children Monroe and Moroccan as “Dembabies”. They’re even featured on her song Supernatural


2. Wikipedia doesn’t know her age. She’s so elusive sometimes. For the record Google says Mariah is 44.


3. She had a fight with herself in a bathroom. Iconic.

4. She doesn’t have time for name calling.


5. This is how she celebrates Easter


6. Mimi knows she’s still young and thriving.


7. She knows you can’t see the peasants with your sunglasses on.

giphy (3)

8. The time she did this.


9. She is a master at throwing shade.

10. No seriously, she should teach a class on throwing shade.

11. She just loves M&Ms


12. She knows how hard it is to accomplish what she did.


13. This flawless interview.



14. And this interview.

giphy (2)

In conclusion, Mariah Carey will always be the most amazing diva to walk this earth, and we are all not worthy.


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