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14 Ways Clueless Influenced a Generation

July 18th, 2014


It was 19 years ago today that Clueless premiered and forever changed a generation. Writer and Director Amy Heckerling introduced the world to the privileged lives of Bronson Alcott High’s most popular students and made us fall in love with the lovable and stylish Cher Horowitz. Cher was the best friend we wish we had. She was the pretty, stubborn, girl with the heart of gold, and was ultimately clueless. Although the iconic movie was a 90s cult classic, the movie still resonates with audiences today. Almost two decades later Clueless is still as funny, groundbreaking, and iconic as it was when it first hit theaters. The movie really defined a generation introducing the world to Paul Rudd, Alicia Silverstone, and the late Brittany Murphy, and treating everyone to a new vocabulary and “Cher-isms.” Clueless will forever be one of the greatest high school movies ever and has influenced a generation in more ways than one.

1. The movie made “As if” a cultural catchphrase.

as if

2. Everyone was jealous of Cher’s style. Plaid skirts and knee-high socks are a fashion staple.

3. It gave us unrealistic expectations of closets. Seriously, it’s 2014, how do i not have Cher’s closet?


4. The movie taught us how to properly throw shade.


5. And how to get a boy’s attention.



6. It made us scared of driving on the freeway.

7. We were all “rollin’ with the homies”


8. You thought of this whenever you played tennis.


9. Cher made it cool to wait.


10. It gave us the ultimate diss.


11. As well as the greatest comeback ever.


12. It inspired one of the greatest music videos of the year. Yes, Iggy Azalea’s Fancy is a tribute to Clueless.


13. Made it cool to date your ex-step-sibling. Okay, maybe not. We’ll leave that for Cher and Josh.


14. Everyone knew what an Alaia was after this scene.

So thank you Clueless for introducing plaid into our wardrobe and being the most perfect movie ever.

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