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15 Things We Learned From Zayn Malik’s Instagram

July 16th, 2014


Big news in the One Direction fandom. Bad boy Zayn Malik made his Instagram public, and Directioners are going insane. Apparently Zayn has been using the photo sharing app for two years, but only now let fans into his private world. Zayn proves that he’s just like us with valencia-filtered selfies, and photos of food. And this new Instagram revelation gives us new insight on the world’s most defined cheekboned boy band member. Here are 15 things we learned from the normally private Zayn Malik’s Instagram.

1. Zayn loves his tattoos.


2. He takes #FoodPorn to a new level.

3. He came in like a wrecking ball.

4. He believes in safety.

5. If you like it you should put a ring on it.

6. He takes a lot of emotional selfies. He’s so tortured

7. He’s the only superhero the world needs.

8. He wins #TBT

9. His pet cat Tiger makes Zayn 123124342304890% hotter.

10. Zayn spends his time playing old school video games.

11. If Zayn ever plans a solo career he can always turn to his Instagram for an album cover.

12. Zayn looks really good as a geek.

13. And even better as a bad boy.

14. He is the king of smoldering.

15. Is that a wedding ring on Zayn’s finger? Fans freaked out when Zayn posted this photo a few days ago with ring on his wedding finger. Did he and Perrie Edwards get married? Don’t worry Zayn maintains he is not married, yet.

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