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18 Things You Can Expect to See at Jay Z and Beyoncé’s “On The Run Tour”

July 10th, 2014


Last night Jay Z and Beyoncé were gracious enough to bring their On The Run tour to Toronto and if you weren’t there, than you my friend sadly missed out. I still have goosebumps from last nights outrageously entertaining performance. Mr. and Mrs. Carter know how to put on a show. From fireworks and pyro, to strip teases and ridiculous dance moves, Jay and Bey brought out all the stops for their co-headlining tour. This show mixes the theatrically of a pop concert with the simplicity and directness of a rap show. Truthfully I went to see Beyoncé, but Jay Z has an undeniable stage presence. He even had me bouncing my shoulders and throwing a diamond in the air. But if you weren’t lucky enough to attend the show live, it’s okay, I’ve comprised a list of everything you can expect to see at Bey and Jay’s On The Run Tour. If you’re expecting to see the show, then be warned there may be some spoilers.

1. Beyoncé looking flawless. This is a given, because honestly Beyoncé could wear a burlap sack and still look amazing


2. The show is mostly 50/50. Out of the 40 plus songs performed the duo shared the stage equally.

giphy (1)

3. Bey treated her loyal fans to some of her most iconic dance moves including the Crazy In Love chest lick and booty pop and the Single Ladies hand shake.

giphy (2)

4. During the costume changes the audience is treated to more On the Run video footage. It was kind of confusing to follow, but there are a lot of guns, Beyoncé and Jay z in the desert, Beyoncé in a wedding dress getting shot. I suggest you use this time to sit down and rest your feet.

5. Beyoncé’s wind machine is on point. Beyoncé needs to give whoever runs her wind machine a raise because her hair looked amazing blowing in the wind. She knows how to werk it.


6.Justin Bieber makes a special appearance but not in the way you think. During Izzo (H.O.V.A.) there were a series of celebrity mug shots flashed on screen, amoung them was Justin Bieber.

7. The tour tells a tortured love story. There’s the queen (Bey) and the gangster (Jay) who rob banks and get rich but then there is a problem with cheating and resentment. But it ends with forgiveness and love. Nicholas Sparks I think I found your next book.


8. Les Twins from The Mrs. Carter World Tour are back.

9. Beyoncé’s squatting game is strong. Girl has some powerful quads because she drops it real low.


10. The chair from the Grammy’s is back. During Drunk in Love Beyoncé brings out the chair from her now iconic Grammy performance.

tumblr_n01glsmuOt1qh9nffo1_500 (1)

11. Unlike other concerts the duo doesn’t talk too much to the audience. Jay tries at time to get the audience pumped up, but there was not real direct banter between the audience and the two. Sadly no “Hey, Mrs. Carter” this time.

giphy (4)

12. Beyoncé recreates the Partition video. Remember that incredible dance on the chaise lounge chair Beyoncé does in the Partition video? Well, she brought it on tour and recreates the dance live. It should not be humanly possible to do what she does to that chair.

13. Jay Z performs Holy Grail and Beyoncé sings Justin Timberlake’s part. It really is a must see and one of the highlights from the show.

14. The costumes were amazing. Beyoncé was clad in a everything a mesh ski mask and butt baring pants, to a denim cop outfit and a wedding dress. While Jay Z kept it simple with leather jackets, black beanies and gold chains. They really are the hood’s finest.



15. Beyoncé throws towels into the crowd. If you’re lucky enough to be seated on the floor get your hands ready. Beyoncé’s sweat is said to cure any disease.


16. There will be a lot of diamonds in the air. When Jay Z says to put your diamonds up you listen.


17. Bey and Jay give us a special glimpse into their uber-private life with home movies. During Forever Young and Halo there is video footage of Beyoncé and Jay Z’s wedding and numerous shots of the royal baby Blue Ivy. There were definitely tears in the audience’s eyes.

18. Bey and Jay looking adorable together. The best part of the show was the chemistry between Beyoncé and Jay Z. There were small moments where Jay Z would caress Beyoncé, or she gives him a sly smile that proves the power of their love and denounces all those cheating rumours. Jay Z even mouthed the words to Halo as he watched Blue Ivy on the screen.



Beyoncé and Jay Z have only one other tour stop in Canada and it’s in Winnipeg. I urge all of you go because Slayoncé and Slay-J are undeniably the hottest tour of the summer.

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