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2 More Broken Social Scene Singles!

March 24th, 2010

DUDES. Get excited. This is big news.

Remember a few weeks ago when Broken Social Scene released its first official single off of their soon-to-be released (May 4th) album, Forgiveness Rock Record, titled “World Sick”?

Yesterday, two new tracks were added to BSS’s website for us to all to listen to and get a better feel for what Forgiveness Rock Record will entail. So, there are now a total of three tracks off of the new album streaming on the site: “World Sick”, “Forced to Love” and “All to All.”

Listen to the three tracks right here:

There’s no doubt that you loved all three of those. Now, as a follow up, go on and buy the singles, pre-order the album and spread the love.

In an earlier blog, I asked Eye Weekly’s Stuart Berman and 102.1 The Edge’s Dave Bookman what they think of Forgiveness Rock Record.

Stuart Berman said:

“The success of Broken Social Scene’s albums can be attributed to a delicate balance: between structure versus sprawl; melody versus noise; order versus chaos; the anthemic versus the introspective; in-the-raw performances versus studio manipulation; tension versus bliss. Because it could all so easily tip in either direction — if they’re not careful, they could become just another faceless post-rock jam band, or they could go full-on U2 arena-rock. I think the first single, “World Sick,” is a good harbinger of what’s to come — on the one hand it’s an emotionally direct pop song with a catchy chorus; on the other hand, the song is seven minutes long and has this woozy, fever-dream quality to it. That’s way they take their sweet time making their albums — they want to get the balance just right.”

Dave Bookman said:

“[It will contain] a more cohesive approach to the album format that other acts are abandoning these days.”

Once again, it’s clear that this album will be very, very special. And good. Special and good.

Forgiveness Rock Record will be released on Arts & Crafts on May 4th, 2010. Broken Social Scene will also be playing Toronto’s Olympic Island on June 19th, 2010.

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