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December 2nd, 2009


Friends, followers, MuchMusic viewers, lend me your ears. I come bearing valuable information.

I confess. I am, quite likely, someone that sales associates practice voodoo on. Why? I, among millions of others, leave my holiday shopping until December 24th at approximately 9pm. I assure you, it is not out of laziness, nor cold heartedness. The issue is simple: I never know what to buy. Every year I make a personal resolution to beat the madness and purchase my gifts months ahead of time, yet I always seem to find myself at the mall on Christmas Eve, frantically choosing the first thing in the display window.

This year, however, I am performing extensive research in order to evade the unavoidable stress involved with last minute shopping. As we are now into December, if you haven’t yet begun thinking about what gifts to shower your nearest and dearest with either, have no fear, I have cleaned up my act and come to your rescue.

Do yourselves and your loved ones a favor this Holiday season and put Recession ’09 out of your heads and hit the malls (Quick! Before they become nuclear war territory!). Here are some present suggestions, aka: Your Guide To Gift Shopping 2009.

The Beatles Rock Band
Ever since Rock Band first came out, I bet people around the world were thinking to themselves, “Wouldn’t it be so cool if all the songs were by the Beatles?” Because that’s totally what I was thinking. With 45 songs, this could potentially ignite a new wave of Beatlemania amongst video gamers everywhere. The best part about this gift is that every member of the family can enjoy it.

Clue: The Office Version
The U.S. version of The Office is the best thing taken from the British since the Boston Tea Party and it just got better with it’s own version of the classic board game Clue. A must-have for any die-hard Office fan. Figure out who killed Toby and what office supply they used. My bet is it was Dwight in the break room with the poisoned pretzel, but hey, you better play to find out.

This is one of those gifts I’d give to that person who “has it all”. Simply plug this all-in-one microphone by Griffin into your iPod and it fades the vocals so you can sing. Just make sure you remind whoever you’re getting this that they should not to use it whilst listening in public – that could be a bit embarrassing.

Hang the DJ: Alternative Book of Music Lists
For the music lover in your life, this book by various authors is a perfect gift. With themed top 10 bands and albums, it’s like all the lists in High Fidelity, squeezed into one book!

Someecards Holiday Post Cards
Don’t leave out those distant relatives whom you can’t be bothered to get a proper gift for. has a solution for you. You can buy booklets filled with their best holiday E-cards, each with unique witty phrases such as “I’m going to regift something special for you,” accompanied with a vintage illustration.

Photo Snow Globe
Christmas is a wonderful time to purchase useless novelty items. Christmas is also a time for cute DIY projects that you give to your mum and she is obligated to say she loves them. So, why not combined the two and get one of those customizable snow globes and put a family portrait inside?

Where The Wild Things Are
Everyone’s favorite childhood book by Maurice Sendak has been turned into a feature film by Spike Jonze and it seems to be the only thing anyone can talk about lately. If someone you know was a fan of the flick, there is plenty of merchandise that doesn’t suck. For instance: comfy Max or Moishe slippers for Christmas morning. If that’s not your thing, why not get the film’s original soundtrack, written by Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

Stocking Stuffer Ideas:
– LOL Disposable Camera (via
– Mini Lomography Diana 35mm Camera (via
– Mix-Tape USB Drive (via
– My Bag Hanger (via
– Mustache Band-aids (via

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