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22 Destiny’s Child Outfits That Will Make You Say WTF

July 29th, 2014


It’s common knowledge that Beyoncé is a fashion goddess. Whether she’s walking the red carpet, dancing on stage, or just walking down the street she always looks amazing and leaves everyone screaming “YAAASSSS”. But, it would surprise you to know that Beyoncé wasn’t always the fashion icon she is today. Long ago, before Beyoncé became Yoncé, she was a part of Destiny’s Child with Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams (and the lesser known Farrah Franklin, but we don’t speak of her). And like any girl group, Destiny’s Child fell victim to the horrid matching outfits. But unlike other girl groups Destiny’s Child’s outfit choices always seemed to be a little more outthere with cut-out middriffs, and off the shoulder halter tops. To be fair it was the ’90s and early ’00s so they were trying to keep up with the terrible fashion trends of the time. Ten years from now I’m sure people will be criticizing Nicki Minaj’s and Lady Gaga’s outfits. Tina Knowles, who is Beyoncé’s mother and co-founder of the fashion line House of Deréon, was the group’s stylist for the majority of their career. So now we know who to blame for these fashion faux pas. #BlameTina.

Pink frayed crop tops and bejeweled gloves. WHY?


Beyoncé’s face perfectly describes our thoughts on these outfits.


Are their purses hanging from their string belts?


Don’t look directly at this outfit, the pattern may hypnotize you.


Not ***Flawless


Don’t let the Grammy’s distract you from the horrificness of these outfits.


I don’t even know what to say?


Metallic prints, how ’90s of them.


Clearly this is what is inspired Mean Girls right?


This is a whole lot of denim, knee high boots, and asymmetrical skirts.

This would almost look good if not for those yellow flowers.


I don’t know if Farrah should be happy or sad she didn’t get any glitter.


The rodeo’s come to town.




I hope they’re praying we all forget this outfit.


Interesting how the other two girls are not matching Beyoncé and Kelly. Hinting at something Tina?


I didn’t know Destiny’s Child were figure skaters as well as singers. They’re so talented.


Are those see-through bejeweled bustiers?


Kelly understands our frustration.


Be brave America.


Oh so much fringe.


What’s worse, the pose or the outfits?


Don’t worry Beyoncé, Michelle, Kelly, Tina, and the other girls. We forgive you, but we will never forget.

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