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35 Reasons We’re Thankful for Mindy Kaling

June 24th, 2014

HBD Mindy Kaling

Today is writer, actress, fashionista, comedian, feminist, and all-around awesome-sauce Mindy Kaling’s 35th birthday. I know, I know. I’m thinking the same thing. Why are we at work when this should obviously be a national holiday? I don’t freaking know.

From her real-life quotes to her time as Mindy Lahiri on The Mindy Project and Kelly Kapoor on The Office, let’s have a look at 35 (even though we could go on forever) reasons why we’re thankful for the amazing Mindy Kaling.

1. I genuinely find it difficult to discuss Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me without tearing up. Forget Weird Science. This is the greatest revenge of the nerds book. BRB, gotta go let my freak flag fly.


2. Mindy reminds us to define ourselves by our present, not our past.

Always changing herself

3. She reminds us to always have a game plan.

Always has a game plan

4. As a writer, actress, executive producer and director, she gave us some of the greatest episodes of The Office.

5. She respects the female and male body.

brain gets angry

6. She knows the value of a good burn.


7. She is not here for your BS break up line.

Calls guys on their shit

8. She’s the only celebrity to give out useful workout advice.

9. She knows it’s important to comfort others.

Comforts others

10. She gives credit where credit is due.

crazy inspirational

11. Her movie references are on-point.

Excellent movie references

12. She has excellent taste in men.

Excellent taste in men

13. She makes me want to go back to school, just so I can start a petition to have Mindy Kaling speak at my commencement.

14. Mindy proves that starting out as an intern, in her case on Conan O’Brien, is worth working for free.

Mindy interning for Conan

15. She knows the critical difference between being drunk and tipsy (tipsy means you know it’s time to rest).

knows the different between tipsy and drunk

16. Preach.

life is buffering

17. Mindy Kaling backs up her points.

looked it up online

18. She knows how to make guests feel welcome.

Makes guests feel welcome

19. Her Instagram game is on point, with hilarious comments and fierce fashion.

Mindy Instagram

20. This is how she responded to critics who believe it’s up to Mindy Kaling to single-handedly eradicate decades of racism on her show.

Mindy's response to people wanting her to erase all racial barriers on her show

21. BRB, no time for this.

No time for this shit

22. We totally know.

Oh, we know.

23. It’s totally normal to have Mindy Kaling as your role model.


24. Preach x 2

Redefine beauty

25. She thinks on her feet.

She can think on her feet

26. Her words inspire works of art.

She inspires art

27. She’s always trying to help others.

She tries to help others

28. She’s a Potterhead.

She's a potterhead

29. Right?

She's right

30. Kaling first gained attention for playing Ben Affleck in a play she and her friend wrote all about Affleck and Matt Damon. How cool is that?

Matt and Ben

31. She knows that some days require a label.

sometimes you have to label the day

32. Mindy reminds us you still have to hold it together at rock bottom.

Still together at rock bottom

33. Because her friendship with BJ Novak is everything.

we just want to be friends with her and bj

34. But seriously, thanks for The Office.


35. And for making sure we don’t have to be alone.

Understands the importance of tv

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