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5 Reasons You Must See The Muppets

November 25th, 2011

If you’re wondering what movies to see this weekend while recovering from being trampled over during Black Friday’s sales, then may I suggest you give yourself a Green Saturday? Follow moi and find out why The Muppets is the most exciting film of the year. Manamanah.

5. Classics are classics because they’re not crappics

When things stink, they usually don’t stick around for decades. Sure, this isn’t a hard and fast rule, but look at film and television franchises that have spanned the decades. From The Simpsons to The Muppets, franchises make it from one decade to the next because people like them and because they are good. Of course, The Muppets have been around so long that there have been changes. With the passing of Jim Henson in 1990, some fans find Kermit’s voice too dissimilar from Henson’s. In my opinion, making Kermit’s voice the exact same as Henson’s masterly crafted character seems a bit eery with the puppeteers death. Kermit has lived to cape another caper, travel to space again and take Manhattan another day and I think that’s what Henson would have wanted.

4. Jason Segel is not crappics

Name a film or show that Jason Segel has been in that you loved. Forgetting Sarah Marshall? Knocked Up? Freaks and Geeks? How I Met Your Mother? Now name a film or show that Jason Segel has been in that was bad. (If this were The Muppets movie there would be crickets chirping and a terrible punchline from Fozzie Bear.) Segel is one of the few actors and writers who is able to boast a blemish-free IMDB page. The Muppets are now his big, green star.

3. Brett Mackenzie is a Musical Genius

If you’ve watched any episode from the too short series Flight of the Conchords, then you know Brett Mackenzie can literally make a hilarious and catchy song about anything. Literally. So when fans found out that Mackenzie had signed on to write the music for the new Muppets film, expectations were high. And this was a slam dunk. One of the best moments from the film features Jason Segel and his brother Walter performing Am I A Muppet or a Man? with an outstanding cameo. But more on that to come.

2. Hey look it’s! Omigosh that’s! I can’t finish my sentence, there are so many cameos!

Finding a list of all the cameos in the new Muppet film isn’t too difficult to do online, but I beg you not to do this. The surprise that comes from your favourite faces popping up throughout the film is half the fun. As Jason Segel told us when he stopped by Much to chat about Kermy and Miss Piggy, it was pretty easy to get Hollywood’s biggest names involved in the film.

1. It’s Not Easy Being Green, But It’s Easy To Feel Good After Watching The Muppets

In my opinion it is darn near impossible to leave the theatre feeling anything but utter happiness after seeing The Muppets. As Segel pointed out during our interview, the Muppets are never mean to anyone or make jokes at other peoples expense. These characters are funny, introspective and always current with their pop culture references (have you seen this trailer and this one and this one?). But mostly, make it cool to care about something. What can be more lovable?

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