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5 TV Show Merchandise That Should Totally Happen

July 11th, 2014


Popular television shows have always come out with some pretty cool merchandise. There are clothing lines, nail polishes, and jewelry lines. But lately shows have been developing some pretty unique ways of earning extra money. Earlier this week it was announced that Game of Thrones was coming out with it’s own brand of wine. Which makes perfect sense since the only thing the characters on that show do more than drink is kill people. In honour of the new Game of Thrones wine here are some other TV show merchandise we think should totally happen.

Orange is the New Black lighters. The inmates on the show start manufacturing their own cigarettes and we think lighters would be a great business adventure for the show. There could be one for each character.


Mad Men Whisky. A Don Draper inspired whisky, yes please. What else would you want from the show?


Pretty Little Liars flashlights. Those girls are always lurking around in the dark and could use a little extra lighting. It seems like flashlights would be handy gift for any wannabe sleuths.


Breaking Bad frozen pizza. It’ll be so delicious you’ll want to shout it from the rooftop.

giphy (4)

The Vampire Diaries diaries. True diaries aren’t really a big part of the show, but this seems like an obvious merchandise venture.


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