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8 Emojis That We Need In Our Life

July 22nd, 2014


Last week it was announced that the popular show Seinfeld has it’s own emoji app. There’s a new app that allows users to pick cartoon designed emoji’s inspired by the TV show. Fun fact of the day: the creator of the app Jason Richards was actually a Much producer. And while everyone needs to send their friends emojis of Jerry, George, Elaine, and Kramer, we couldn’t help but notice there are other imperative images that need to be turned into emojis. Sometimes words are just too hard, and we need cartoon images to best describe our emotions. Check out this images that desperately need to be turned into emojis, like now.

1. Kanye West eating ice cream
Words cannot accurately depict the happiness Kanye feels when licking an ice cream cone.


2. Joey doesn’t share
I think we all need a Joey Tribbiani emoji to send to those people who just won’t stop asking for your food.


3. Alasia from America’s Next Top Model.
For those times when you’re so overcome with emotions you can’t type.


4. Beyonce
When you wake up, Flawless. Post up, Flawless. Ridin’ round in it, Flawless.


5. Tyra Banks
No angry face can match Tyra’s rage.

6. Kim Kardashian crying
For those times when you just can’t even.


7. Britney Spears
The is pretty much the mother of all WTF faces.

200 (1)

8. Ryan Gosling
For when you’re feeling a little flirty.


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