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8 Things We Want to See In the Kimye Wedding Episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians

August 29th, 2014


It’s been three months since Kim walked down the aisle and became Kim Kardashian-West. And within those three months my desire to see the most glamorous wedding ever has only increased. Kanye and Kim have been totally secretive when it came to their nuptials, and aside from a few rumoured details no one really knows what went down at the wedding, until now. Lucky for all us Kimye fans, Keeping Up With The Kardashians were there to film all the drama, glamour, and fun, and it’s airing this weekend.

The two-night season finale begins Sunday night and will feature Kourtney Kardashian’s pregnancy announcement and Kim’s wedding. Now before you start jumping up and down with joy and praising Yeezus, there’s a catch. Unfortunately, the film crew never filmed the actual wedding and reception. Kim stated that they would air all the preparations leading up to the wedding. Of course this makes us weep buckets of tears, but don’t forget Kimye’s wedding wasn’t only one day. There was a whole week leading up to their walk down the aisle that I’m just dying to see. There were so many rumours of all the Kardashians’ shenanigans leading up to the wedding and now we finally get to see them. Here are 8 things we want to see from the Kimye wedding.

1. Why didn’t Rob Kardashian attend the wedding?

Rumours went rampant when Rob Kardashian was seen flying home from Paris before Kim’s wedding. Why wasn’t he at the wedding? Did Kim force him to leave or could he not handle Kim taking all the attention?

giphy (4)

2. Where was Brody?

Similarly to Rob, Kim’s step brother Brody was absent from the wedding. It was weird since Brody’s brother and sister-in-law were both invited. People say it was Brody’s girlfriend’s dismissal from the wedding that made him rescind his invitation. In this clip from the episode it seems that may be the reason.

3. Famous faces.

Kim and Kanye have a combined contact book filled with many A-list friends. John Legend, Chrissy Teigen, Jaiden Smith, and Serena William all witnessed the most talked about couple say their vows. Lana Del Ray even sang at the rehearsal dinner. I hope to spot at least one celebrity face.


4. Kim’s dress fitting.

Kim’s dress was one of the most talked about aspects of the wedding. And while we won’t be able to see Kim walking down the aisle in it and Kanye’s reaction, we can see the planning and fittings that went into making the Givenchy gown.

5. Kanye’s 20 minute speech.

Now I highly doubt that anyone besides the wedding guests will ever know what Kanye ranted about for 20 minute, but it would make a nice surprise to see the whole speech. Okay maybe not all 20 minutes. Give us the sparknotes version.

giphy (3)

6. North West.

North is the only Kardashian not seen on the show. While she can be heard and talked about in scenes her face is never actually shown. What a great little treat would it be if fans could finally catch a glimpse of the future ruler of the world.

giphy (2)

7. Brunch at Valentinos.

Kim, Kanye, and close family and friends were all treated to a special lunch hosted by fashion designer Valentino Garavani held at his home, Chateau de Wideville. I wonder, what does Valentino’s house actually look like?


8. Kim’s cleavage at the rehearsal dinner.

Kim and Kanye held their rehearsal dinner at the infamous Palace of Versailles. But who wants to see the glamorous palace when you can see Kim’s cleavage. Damn!


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