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A Bat-signal for Chuck Bass?

October 12th, 2010

Ed Westwick is best known for bedding the rich beauties of Manhattan’s Upper East Side as the suave Charles “Chuck” Bass. He’s no stranger to danger, wealth and having an escort on his arm.

And Westwick wants to take that debonair charm straight to Gotham City. He would switch his rich boy role to a rich caped crusader in a second. Instead of fighting the evil of New York’s elite with blackmail and deceit…he wants to play the richest playboy of them all – Bruce Wayne – and fight evil honorably (with a utility belt!).

In an interview with Yahoo! Westwick said “It would be a dream come true to play Batman in a big blockbuster movie…he was my childhood superhero.”

Westwick has had minor roles in a few films such as Children of Men and Breaking and Entering. His main claim to fame has been Gossip Girl.

What do you guys think – do you see Mr. Chuck Bass donning the cape and cowl and fighting against the Joker or Riddler?

I think since this is Smallville’s last season they better start writing a Gotham City television series and cast Westwick as a young Bruce Wayne.

In his words he said, “”He’s a damn good fighter and has access to amazing gadgets, such as the utility belt and, of course, the Batmobile – I’d give my left arm just to sit in it.

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