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A guide to throwing the greatest Orphan Black finale party

June 20th, 2014

Orphan Black Finale Party

This Saturday marks the Season 2 finale of Orphan Black (I’m not reaaaady) and while I’m already well into some sort of weird, pre-emptive state of mourning, life must go on. And by life, I mean let’s throw an Orphan Black party so we can cry together.

If there’s one thing that unites all OB fans, it’s a love for the show’s incredible details. That being said, this can’t just be some put-out-some-chips-and-dip-and-call-it-a-party party, amirite?

There’s still time to email last minute invites and the Blood Ties theatre poster makes the perfect invite.


For those friends who aren’t very good at checking their emails, phone calls are always a good back up invite.

call your friends

You should have some edibles ready for when people arrive. Don’t rely on whatever is left in your freezer from New Years.

have food ready

OB fans are notoriously hungry at least three times a day.


Tiny donuts, pork rinds, hard boiled eggs, grapes, all good suggestions for OB-themed dining.

tiny donuts

And Jello. There’s always room for Jello.


To get into the Orphan Black spirit, dress like your favourite clone! You can have braids, like early-Sarah.

Braids one

Or braids, like always-Cosima.


Or you can always dress like one of the guys.

dress like a boy

Fetch yourself something gay and give your best Felix impersonation.

work with that

Whichever OB character is your inspiration tomorrow night, make sure you do them justice by getting physically and mentally prepared.


To kick the night off right, guests may only enter after delivering the clone club greeting.

justone of a few

If guests are meeting for the first time, nametags are the way to go.


If people arrive early, it’s polite to have activities ready. For example, board games.

board games

Arm wrestling.

arm wrestle

And arts and crafts. Just be sure to monitor the glue gun.

Arts and crafts

Label your food and activity spots so that people can help themselves.

tell people what to bring

If your guests are of age, tiny bottles of alcohol may be permitted.

tinybottles of alchohol

Just make sure everyone has a safe way to get home tomorrow night.

take care of your friends

Watch the Season 2 finale of Orphan Black tomorrow at 9E/6P on Space. Catch up on episodes online anytime at

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