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A How-To Guide For Osheaga

July 12th, 2012

Summer music festivals are not for the feint of heart. You’ve gotta have stamina! Energy! And, above all, a darn good game plan! Without those, you’d crawl in a corner and stress cry the entire day, we guarantee it. But never fear, we will walk you through everything, from preparing for the fest to navigating around and tackling long lines to the bathroom.

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What to Bring (a checklist):
Cash: sure, there are ATMs around just in case but this will save you time waiting in line when you can be watching a band play!
Sunscreen: you’re going to be outside all day in a huge, open space with little shade. Protect yourself.
Sunglasses: because your eyes need protecting too!
A fully-charged phone: a dead phone with no way to find your friends is stuff nightmares are made of. Make sure it’s fully charged the night before!
Camera: to capture all the good times!
A blanket: if you want to relax and lie back on the grassy hills at Osheaga, I suggest you bring a blanket to sit on.
A copy of the schedule: whether you’ve written it down or if you have it on your trusty (and charged) smartphone, always make sure you have a schedule so you know who’s playing and at what time!
Comfortable shoes: this is a festival not a runway show, you’re going to be on your feet all day, make sure you wear comfy shoes!
Friend(s): no one likes going to festivals alone!

Things to expect:

Lots of people
This is where all music fans congregate for the weekend so there will be thousands of people attending. Good news is if you’re scared of running into someone you don’t like, chances are slim that you’ll actually see them. Bad news is if you’re claustrophobic, this might be your nightmare. Try and stand as far back from the crowds as possible so you can see and breathe!

Lots of stages, lots of running
Osheaga takes place at Parc Jean-Drapeau which is quite the chunk of land. Two of the main stages will be set up in the main area upon arriving but the other stages will take a bit of walking…through a forest. It’ll be fun, though! It’ll be like summer camp but with a ton of bands playing instead of just you and your buddies singing around a campfire.

Long lines
Again, there’s going to be a lot of people and it’ll feel like all of them want to pee at the same time when you wait in the horrifyingly long lines for the bathroom. There’s really no way to get around this unless you find a bush in the forest. Another suggestion is to beat the crowd and maybe sacrifice the last song of a set. Be smart and get there before the others do!

Pricy foods
Just like theatres, the prices of food at festivals are always a bit more than what you’d probably like to pay. Your two options are: eat a big breakfast before heading to the festival or suck it up and pay for that delicious pizza cone. Unfortunately, you’re not allowed to bring food or drinks in.

One more tip:
Check out bands you don’t know: If you don’t know a band on the bill, check them out ahead of time. They could be your new favourite band and you don’t want to potentially miss out on that and then regret it, do you? Alternatively, if you have a random gap in your schedule one day, pick a random stage and park yourself there – try something new!

Come early and catch these acts!
We know you’re probably super excited to see headliners The Black Keys, Snoop Dogg or Justice but make sure to come early and catch some of the afternoon acts! We promise you won’t regret it! Here are a few early performers worth your attention:

Charli XCX (Friday)
This British electro-pop star doesn’t even have a full-length album out yet but with what we have heard from her, so far, we’re hooked. She released an EP entitled, You’re The One in June and the title track is a synth-laden dance anthem that would be perfect for fans of Robyn, Grimes and Marina and the Diamonds.

Kathleen Edwards (Saturday)
Kathleen Edwards has been a veteran of the Canadian music scene for over a decade now but her latest album, Voyageur, is evident that she’s still churning out great music. The singer-songwriter’s music is indie-folk at its best and, to boot, she’s also dating one of the biggest indie-folk singers right now – Justin Vernon of Bon Iver!

Zeus (Sunday)
Start your Sunday off with a hit of nostalgic rock ‘n’ roll with Toronto’s Zeus. They’re straight-up rock melodies will take you back to the likes of The Beatles in the best way possible.

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