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A Second By Second Review of O-Town’s Skydive Music Video

July 30th, 2014


O-Town week continues! Are we getting you all turnt up for the album release on Sunday? I’ll presume you are all saying, “Heck yes!”

Their first music video in a billion years came out in and it shot to the top of the Much Countdown. Well not quite, but maybe soon. The video for the song Skydive features the guys looking emotional in the desert, a common look for a music video from a group of 30-something men. (See: Backstreet Boys’ Incomplete). So although you may have already watched this video, I decided to give it another very close viewing. Maybe it isn’t quite second by second, but it is close-ish. My main takeaway: “Where has Erik been hiding this whole time?”

00:01: I like this font.


00:05: Wind turbines. Good pro-alternative energy message.


00:16: Where is Dan singing from. It looks like he is trapped in a pioneer’s mud hut.


00:23 That girl looks like she should be on The Bachelor.


00:35: Erik had to pull over in the dessert so he wouldn’t get a DWE, Driving While Emotional.


00:40: Woah, woah, woah. Was Erik always this good of a singer?

00:46 Ahh so the Bachelorette is Jacob’s girl. Is she the one in this picture I wonder?

00:55 It looks like Eric is doing a Felix Baumgartner style sky dive, not an out by the airport for your birthday stylez skydive.


01:19 Hmm, Erik has aged really well. Very convincing smoulder.


01:25 Uh oh. Trouble in paradise.

01:33 Bahcelorette is wondering why she isn’t with Erik and Jacob is all like, “No.”

01:41 Bachelorette has layed out a convincing argument about why she should be with Erik and Jacob is like, “You know what? You are right.”

01:44 Sand. Falling sand. Time moves forward.

01:46 Trevor seems to be locked somewhere near Dan in a chicken coop.


01:50 Aaaand he is out. Trevor! You are free from your cage. Don’t just sit there. Go find Dan and flee together from your captivity! Jacob is getting all of the women.

02:03 Oh The Bachelorette has come to help you. Or at least run her hands over your truck and look directly into the camera.

02:12 Aaand back to Jacob. It gets cold in the desert at night. The Bachelorette’s festival fashion look isn’t going to help her when she has been left behind by Jacob (who just wants to go home to his monkey daughters).

02:22 You emote Bachelorette! Those acting classes were well worth it!

02:33 Aw heck Jacob. Your good ole boy Orlando values kicked in. You can’t just leave a girl in the desert.

02:35 Oh hey Dan! Nice vest.


02:45 As someone who works in television, that is actually a pretty high production shot. Kudos O-Town. Also, RUN TO HER JACOB!

02:50 Mountaintop money shot!


03:29 Sad Trevor Penick should be a meme. But maybe just between me and my friends…


03:31 Damn. That is just one good lookin’ man.


End: Wait… did Jacob ever go back for that girl?

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