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A TIFF Movie For Every Mood: Check Out Our Film Guide Now!

September 4th, 2014

Men Women and Children Movie

The Toronto International Film Festival kicks off this week and as we prepare to line up and wait to get a glimpse of our favourite movie stars, we’re also trying to narrow down the list of films we are dying to catch. With hundreds of movies premiering at TIFF, scrolling through the list of titles can be overwhelming and we know that there different movies suited for different moods. But fear not! We have done some research for you and we’ve pared down the list to eight essential movies for you to watch for eight very different moods. Take a look below and tell us what movies you can’t wait to see!

For a full listing of films, head over to TIFF’s website now!

If you feel like taking up a musical instrument then you should watch Whiplash.
Playing a musical instrument is a lot of hard work and requires lots of dedication, and no film shows the grueling effort one must go through better than Whiplash. The film, which stars our crush Miles Teller, is about a young jazz drummer who attends a prestigious music school, but struggles to live up to his intense instructor’s standards.

If you feel like celebrating Bill Murray Day then you should watch St. Vincent.
Toronto has proclaimed September 5 Bill Murray Day and there’s no better way to celebrate that day than to check out the actor’s latest film, St. Vincent. Murray plays an unlikely mentor to his new neighbour’s son, but really, we’d totally accept Bill Murray as our mentor any day.

If you feel like watching a family that’s more dysfunctional than your own then you should watch This Is Where I Leave You.
A death in the family brings a heartbroken man and his siblings together under one roof, which is just as awkward as it sounds, but with a cast rounded out by Tina Fey, Jane Fonda, Jason Bateman and Adam Driver, we can’t not watch this heartwarming and hilarious flick.

If you feel like staring at a bunch of cute British boys then you should watch The Riot Club.
This British drama/thriller follows a super exclusive society of rich, young men called the Riot Club. So, yes, you are essentially signing up for 100 minutes of cute British boys in really handsome, posh outfits. Let’s just line up for the screening now, shall we?

If you feel like becoming a journalist then you should watch Nightcrawler.
Trust us: journalism is a stressful career. In Nightcrawler, Jake Gyllenhaal plays a photographer who tries to get into the fast-paced field of journalism by documenting crime scenes, but things soon take an even darker turn as Gyllenhaal become too invested in his journalistic pursue. Now, we’re not saying journalism’s always like this; let’s just call this the worst-case scenario version of journalism.

If you feel like brushing up on your music history then you should watch Love & Mercy.
For the Beach Boys fans out there, Love & Mercy chronicles the life of singer-songwriter Brian Wilson with actors Paul Dano and John Cusack portraying a young and old version of Wilson, respectively. The film not only promises to cover the famed musician’s rise to fame, but also his personal life including his marraige to second wife, Melinda who is played by Elizabeth Banks.


If you feel like quitting social media then you should watch Men, Women & Children.
It’s pretty obvious that technology and social media has completely changed the way we communicate and director Jason Reitman’s latest film is a thorough examination of such featuring an all-star cast of actors including Adam Sandler, Jennifer Garner and The Fault In Our Stars‘ breakout, Ansel Elgort.

If you feel like taking a break from watching Girls then you should watch Laggies.
Laggies is like a lost plot from Lena Dunham’s popular HBO show where Hannah Horvath spends a week with a teenage girl and falls for her single dad. This film is perfect for twentysomethings who are struggling to make sense of life and, let’s face it, that’s all twentysomethings. So get out of bed, hit pause on that Girls marathon, and head to this screening during TIFF.

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