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ABDC 3: Episode 7

March 3rd, 2009


It’s the penultimate episode, betches! Watch the full thing now!

Last week: Bye bye Strikers All-Stars. Helloooooo girly team overload!

This week: Three crews remain. Fly Khicks will be booted. That’s no spoiler, I just know it’s gonna happen.

As per us’, the remaining crews stand in anticipation on the stage while Slater announces which team will automatically proceed to next week’s finale. My guess is that Quest would have received the most votes but NO – most love went to Beat Freaks, and they will move on. Quest and Fly “Eliminated” Khicks will dance for their lives later in the show.

Today’s challenge is called The Hip Hop Decathlon. Crews will have to incorporate classic dance moves into their routine (the longest routines of the season), and everyone will use the same music. That lady who introduces challenges tells ‘em that the following dance moves must be used: waving, krumping, housing, threading and tutting.

Beat Freaks worry about their krumping skills cause while they’ve got MAD FLAVA, they’re not grimy and hard. But they come out and do a pretty dope job, although their Britney, magic and girls vs boys routines were superior. Shane was feeling it, says “you did it again!” and hopes that everyone else will be up their standard. JC praises their krumping section; he and Mama believe that it was the best part. Mama is straight up and says that she loves them, but it wasn’t their best performance of the season. Truth.

Quest Crew are up next, fighting for their life. They say they’re worried about the Cutting part of their routine, but luckily Hok is an expert. Their live performance actually made me say “oh my god” out loud. Holy ishballs. It’s seriously spectacular – one of their best of the season, I say. I literally lost my breath. I stopped breathing because I was so focused on the resplendence. In fact, I must watch it again right now.

The judges give them a standing ovation and Mama is breathless. “That’s what I’m talking about!!” He says they dominated every task, and there was no room for error. Shane announces that “it just became serious.” JC declares it “amazing from beginning to end. Incredible.”

Unless Beat Freaks have a die-hard following, this competition is over.

Oh yeah, there’s another group left to perform. (I’m not hating on Fly Khicks – I think they’re great and they seem super cool. But in this show, there are 2 crews just leagues above them.) In practice, they’re worried about perfecting these moves, especially threading. Their routine is nice, but not incredible. They will go out respectfully. JC says that they’re always underestimated, but always come out and punch everyone in the mouth. Mama likes their attitude, original ideas and energy. “Keep pushing forward!” JC says their routine could have been better, but he has so much respect for them.

Quest Crew joins the lady Khicks on stage and there is an hour of tension as the camera pans back and forth between the teams, waiting for Slater to announce the eliminated. But doy – Quest moves on. BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE.

Next, the final 2 must perform their “last chance challenge”. Quest and BF both created their “ideal routines”, from helping to compose their own music to their wardrobe and concept. Based on this final routine, America will vote for their favourite crew. First up, Beat Freaks perform their ~*uplifting*~ routine (follow your dreams! Be strong!), which is pretty cool but in my opinion, just OK. Quest Crew come out in snazzy suits with their jazzy music, and blow it all away. CALL IT. QUEST CREW FOR THE WIN.


So what do you think? If you could vote, who would get yours?

I know some commenters are saying that Beat Freaks don’t deserve the hype, but I do believe that they completely deserve to be here; it’s true that Quest Crew is superior in their athleticism but you have to remember that girls typically can’t perform feats of strength at the same caliber as dudes can. I’m not hating on girls – it’s just true. So, you see them doing these epic headspins and tricks?! That’s crazy. Plus their concepts are tight and they represent hard for all female crews. But in the end, I think Quest Crew are the ILLEST, and they can take this competition any day, any season. Can’t wait to see how it goes down…

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