Add tonight’s Degrassi to the ‘Terrible Idea TV Wedding’ list

January 28th, 2014

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Tonight’s return of brand new Degrassi episodes at 9E/6P on Much and MTV will feature the latest in terrible idea TV weddings when Alli and Leo say ‘I do’. Leo has been violent towards Alli and is facing deportation to France, so…I’m gonna go ahead and put all my money on ‘terrible idea’. This will not end well and frankly, we’re terrified for Alli.

Alli and Leo will be joining a long list of memorable terrible idea TV weddings, and to prepare for tonight’s return of Degrassi and its impending nuptials, we decided to take a lighthearted look back at some of the biggest TV weddings that should have never happened.

The OC – Julie and Caleb

Evil met its match with the union of Julie and Cal on The OC. Plus, Ryan totally took off at the end of the season, leaving Marissa to hit rock bottom. Who needs another piece of cake, amirite?


Friends – Ross and Emily

One word: Rachael.


The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air – Will and Lisa

First, the couple tried to get married in Vegas and then decide that it was a bad idea. Next, they spent a ton of money on a big wedding and still decided that it’s a bad idea. Of course, Will and Lisa’s non-wedding had a silver lining. Their parents fell in love and made good use of a nice chapel.


The Simpsons – Lisa and Hugh

When Lisa visits a fortune teller, she learns that her future will include an engagement to a handsome Englishman named Hugh. Unfortunately, on the day of the wedding, Hugh lets it slip that he plans on taking Lisa away to England, where she will never see her family. Lisa calls off the wedding at the last minute, still giving Milhouse some hope.

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Lisa's wedding

Gossip Girl – Blair and Prince Louis

Blair finally got her prince on the 100th episode of Gossip Girl, but the happy couple barely made it through the ceremony when their love was sabotaged by Gossip Girl. All good though, because in the end, Blair and Chuck had their dream wedding…right before Chuck was arrested. Yay?


Awkward. – Aunt Ally’s Wedding

As if being made the flower girl when you’re 16 by a woman who has only ever referred to you as ‘Lil Bitch’ isn’t bad enough, Jenna was also forced to spend the day with the sadistic Sadie. Oh, and then Sadie totally ruined Jenna’s relationship with Jake. Time to catch the flowers!


Degrassi – Spinner and Emma

Don’t think we’ve forgotten Degrassi’s other hot mess weddings! First, Spinner and Emma got married after a drunken night in Niagara Falls. Rather than get an annulment, the couple decided to have a real ceremony and make a go of the relationship.


Degrassi – Drew and Bianca

Drew and Bianca were a shining example of why it’s a good idea to be sober when you get married – even in Vegas! The young couple decided to call off the wedding moments before the ‘I do’s’ and not rush things. Unfortunately, they broke up this season, but fortunately, they weren’t married!


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