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Adia And More Songs Inspired by Orphan Black 207

June 3rd, 2014

Orphan Black 207 Playlist

This week’s episode of Orphan Black was all about the clones coming face to face with their past, whether it was Alison dealing with Vic’s lying, Rachel being reunited with her father, and of course, Donnie confronting Dr. Leekie about his past involvement with the Dyad Industry. Check out what inspired us this week in our playlist for Episode 207 – Knowledge of Causes, And Secret Motion of Things.

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Apologize, Timbaland feat. OneRepublic

Vic ‘the dick’ agreed to not sell Alison out to Detective Deanglis as long as Sarah agreed to apologize for all that went bad in their relationship. But just to be safe, Felix spiked his tea.

What Goes Around, Justin Timberlake

Dr. Leeky has spent his career playing with people’s lives, even killing Rachel’s mother. It was only a matter of time before all his horrific actions caught up to him, and though Rachel gave him a head start, his past deeds were ultimately his undoing.

Adia, Sarah McLachlan

Delphine’s reasons for lying to Cosima came from a place of love, but by not telling Cosima that it was Kira’s stem cells that were being used to treat her sickness, Delphine betrayed Cosima’s trust.

Honest Mistake, The Bravery

It’s difficult to understand how exactly Donnie thought he could be helping Dr. Leekie and not betraying his wife, but after being confronted by Alison and Sarah, it seems that Donnie was truly shocked that what he was doing was hurting Alison. Even more shocking was his confrontation with Dr. Leekie.

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