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African Daydreams

October 27th, 2011

With all of this on my mind I began to ask myself a lot of questions. The leading question was a simple but very important one: why does this keep happening?

There’s no easy conversation to have here because it is actually a very complicated answer. I looked forward to discussing the possibilities. While we’re on the subject of change it has become clear to me that it would help our understanding to change our ideas about what most of us think we know about Africa.

The continent’s infamous reputation has certainly rubbed off on East Africa and while the situation is far from ideal, things are very different from Bob Geldof’s Africa of the 80’s. We’ve been saturated with images of poverty, famine and violence. It would be easy to see why people are tempted to negatively categorize African countries in their mind

It also explains why most people are numb to the importance of their involvement in emergency response. That’s why travel really is the best education in the world. I had a feeling I was about to get schooled.

-Sarah T.

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Read The Rest Of Sarah Taylor’s Story:

Welcome To Ethiopia!


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