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Alberto’s Analysis: X’07

August 30th, 2007


A couple days ago Justin and I attended X’07, which is XBOX’s gaming preview event! I recently got a XBOX 360 and haven’t stopped playing it. This event was the perfect chance for me to get familiar with some great games like Halo 3, Guitar Hero 3 and a bunch more. One of the games that blew me away was Call Of Duty 4. The graphics and game play were just fantastic! The realism of the game caught my eye and the game looks spectacular. Right next to it was the highly anticipated Guitar Hero 3 – I didn’t get a chance to play it but still, it looked awesome. That will surely be on my games to buy list!


Next up were the sports games. I gave NHL 2K8 a shot and I enjoyed it, but I grew up playing EA Sports NHL and personally there is nothing like it! Soon we stumbled upon the EA Sports area. They had all sorts of games to play but I was drawn to FIFA Soccer 08 (being the soccer fanatic I am). This game was one of the reasons why I bought an XBOX 360, so when I saw it there I had to play it! The guys from EA Sports showed me a couple new features and I was amazed! You will be blown away! One of the new features is called Pro Skills. This allows you to do tricks and the skills of a real player, or you can create your own by using the right stick! The other feature that was shown to me was called Be A Pro: Offline Training. This is really cool if you’re into soccer; it allows you to be one specific player on the team and you play the whole game as that one guy. You can call for a pass or if you are defending you can call over a team-mate and double team your opponent! While your opponent has possession of the ball, it shows you which player you should be covering and where you are supposed to be on the field. The other feature that ties in with Be A Pro is the online version. This allows five of your friends to play on one team as one specific player against another team of five different individual players!

Overall I had a wicked time and cannot wait to get my hands on these games. Enjoy!

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