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All Time Low targeted by anti-gay church

November 25th, 2009


Hard to believe, but nicely coiffed pop punks All Time Low have been targeted by an anti-gay organization called the Westboro Baptist Church.

The church, which operates a hateful website that isn’t worth publishing the name of, posted a diatribe against the band following a story at the Alternative Press website:

“‘All Time Low frontman suffers concussion’ so says the bloggers and Alternative Press reporter. You may be wondering what in the world WBC cares about these losers – so let me break it down for you. How do you know how far gone a society is? You look at their social icons. When you look at these gender-confused, haphazard freakazoids then you can plainly see that america is DOOMED, for real! This is the final generation, and a little concussion is the least of their worries. Here is what they have to look forward to when this once great nation finally falls – for her fall is already started.”

Yikes. The WBC then attacked frontman Alex Gaskarth’s Twitter page, writing “God Hates Fag Enablers! WBC will picket All Time Low’s concert in Philly.”

All of this coming from a church. Since when did gay-bashing become more important than spreading the word of God?

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