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America’s Best Dance Crew Season 7: Round 1 Part 2

April 23rd, 2012

Welcome to the second half of Round 1 of Randy Jackson’s America’s Best Dance Crew Season 7: Return of the Superstars! Have you watched this episode yet? If not, watch it right here and let’s get right into it!

This week we had superstar Flo Rida perform in the intro and work as guest judge. He came out guns blazing with Wild Ones. Unfortunately Sia wasn’t there to perform it with him, but it was nice to see the crews, the judges, and the crowd all wearing their black sunglasses.

The first crew to perform was Elektrolytes and believe us when we say that they brought it. They’re from Gilbert, Arizona, which Forbes magazine called the most boring place in America. In the preview where we get to meet the crew, we couldn’t help but laugh when they were chasing chickens (as if dancing and chasing chickens are the thing to do in Gilbert.) Thank goodness they decided to focus on their dancing skills because we don’t think chasing a chicken on stage would have impressed JC.

Their crew member, Chris Thomas was injured during rehearsal, which really hurt the crew – but having Chris support Elektrolytes from the sidelines was pretty special to see.

To follow up on Elektrolytes, we have Rated Next Generation, a crew of thirteen to fifteen year old kids who get together and dance. Can we just say how talented these young adults are? They are absolutely cut, their moves are so precise, and their maturity level is so beyond their years. They performed to Flo Rida’s Right Round and exuded so much swag, it was intense! These guys absolutely killed it. Watch out for Rated Next Generation, because we think that they’ll be in the top five for sure.

Then we got introduced to Collizion Crew, whose story really intrigued us. They were headed to a show when the crew was caught in a car accident that should have killed them all (but didn’t.) Therefore, they called themselves Collizion Crew, to remind themselves exactly why they’re here. Their story aside, we think their performance to Low was exactly what Stepboys and Mix’d Elements need to try to achieve: balance. Collizion Crew had the perfect balance of humour and skill, and they definitely got Low.

Hailing from Mexico, we got Funkdation, who are the first ever crew from south of border. Though it is apparent that they are a bunch of skilled dancers, we were underwhelmed with this performance. We were waiting for Ana Vargas Flores, the major gymnast of the crew, to blow our minds with some intense moves but it never came. Lil’ Mama loved the beginning section where Funkdation acted as a piano with their legs, but we were left bored. Flo’s Good Feeling is such an epic anthem – but we think that they didn’t hold the song up right.

Uh-oh. Cutie alert. While watching the introduction to Mos Wanted Crew, we couldn’t help but spot the youngest member, Ian Westwood. He totally looks like Harry Styles from One Direction! … Okay, before it gets weird, we have to predict that Mos Wanted Crew are also going to be in the top five. Their movements, their precision, and their choreography are off the chain. Mos Wanted Crew danced to In The Ayer by Flo and could have made obvious references to the song and threw crew members in the air, but instead made subtle but smart moves to complement the song.

We may have creeped Ian’s profile picture on Facebook (we swear, it was only for research purposes) and got this photo of him only to show how oddly similar he looks like Harry of One Direction (did you watch NML Presents: One Direction Revealed?). Agree with us or not, Ian is a cutie and we might have a tiny crush on the ABDC star.

The bottom two crews came up to be Funkdation and Mix’d Elements from last week’s show. They had an epic battle, and we’ll have to agree with the judges on this one: Mix’d Elements were sent home with their banner. And next week, we get to see the crews battle it out to Madonna. Who’s excited?

Who are we going to see leave next week? Be sure to leave a comment below. And if you need a reminder, watch the show again here. And stay watching Randy Jackson’s America’s Best Dance Crew Season 7: Return of the Superstars, Sunday nights at 8pm ET/ 5pm PT on MuchMusic or online on

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