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America’s Best Dance Crew Season 7: Round 2

April 30th, 2012

Welcome to yet another week of breaking it down on the dance floor because we’re hitting it hard with Round 2 of Randy Jackson Presents: America’s Best Dance Crew Season 7: Return of the Superstars. Did you guys catch the Madonna-themed show on Sunday night? If not, you can watch it right here. At the top of the show Mario had some important news: not one, but two crews would be leaving the show and dancing off stage. Who will it be? Read and find out!

First crew up was the crowd-pleaser, Fanny Pak. We were surprised to hear that they had members who worked directly with Madonna on her tour, which makes us think that these guys definitely have the competitive advantage. Now we’re about to go all JC Chasez on these guys: sure, they’re good. They are talented. Their choreography is imaginative. But there are better crews this season, and we’re going to warn all you big Fanny Pak fans out there: this might not be the season of the Pak. But we will say this: big ups for all the guys in the crew who had werk the heels during their performance of Girl Gone Wild, that had to be painful!

The one thing we’re really keen on when watching the crews is seeing if they are together and synchronized. The is Elektrolyte‘s strength because they are always so together and clean. Chris, their crew member that was injured last week, was able to sneak in a cameo during the performance and announced to the crowd that he’d be back for next week. We’re excited to see what he has to bring to the show!

Bias Alert! Last week we told you guys that we had a massive crush on Ian Westwood and though he didn’t get much screen time as we were hoping for, Mos Wanted Crew really killed 4 Minutes. Their concept was just so well thought out and cerebral, their moves were slick and every move was just so well executed. We can’t wait to see more! We do have to wonder about their outfits though (are they trying to audition for the musical adaptation of Will Smith’s Wild Wild West?)

Then we have the ever so cute and talented 8 Flavahz. As we said last week, do not underestimate these girls. They got to work with Madonna’s Vogue which we thought would be an enormous challenge for such young girls to emulate a very womanly piece. But these girls brought out their best and did the song justice. The first thing that came to mind after we saw the performance was, “Hot damn!” Their performance was just so strong, every second we were entertained, and we can’t wait to see what the girls bring next.

Rated Next Generation is that other “young” crew with their members still in high school. Again, don’t be fooled by their appearance because they dance moves more mature than some of their fellow competitors (ahem, Step Boys?) They were taken to task to choreograph Madonna’s Human Nature and managed to be able to convey the right attitude on their faces during the performance. We got really wrapped into watching Bailey’s facial expressions during the song and couldn’t focus on much else (he was just so fierce!)

Step Boys, we have to hand it to you. You probably are the most improved of all the crews and it definitely shows. Last week they were really show-y and didn’t have much to offer but this week we can tell they really wanted to work on their choreography and prove to America that they are worth keeping on the show. However, it must be said that we predict that next week shall be their last. By the end of the show there will only be seven crews and they got to step up their game to even think about winning.

Now because of Mario’s announcement at the beginning of the show, we now have the bottom three crews: Collizion Crew, Funkdation, and Irratik.

Collizion Crew had to bust out their best cowboy impression for Madonna’s Don’t Tell Me, an iconic Madonna song from 2000. We wanted them to have a tighter performance (they were really spread out), but at least they were clean and they looked like they were having fun.

Mexico’s Funkdation also looked like they were having fun with Madonna’s Give Me All Your Luvin’ and really paid homage to the video. The best part of their performance was the high energy they brought on the stage. But would it be enough?

And Canada’s own Irratik had an amazing performance with Express Yourself and they did what they do best (be sexy) and owned it. But by disregarding JC’s warning of being provocative versus powerful, could they have jeopardized their shot at the title?

When it came down to it both international crews from Canada and Mexico ended their run on America’s Best Dance Crew. And even though Irratik is out of the running, we can look forward to come more Canadian love on the show because the remaining seven crews will be dancing to Toronto’s very own Drake. Before we leave you guys we have a new weekly treat for you.

Mario Lopez Quote of the Week: “Viva México!”

Can someone start a meme now? Because we’re too busy practicing our own dance moves to do it. Who are we going to see leave next week? Be sure to leave a comment below. And if you need a reminder, watch the show again here. And stay watching Randy Jackson’s America’s Best Dance Crew Season 7: Return of the Superstars, Sunday nights at 8pm ET/ 5pm PT on MuchMusic or online on

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