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America’s Best Dance Crew Season 7: Round 4

May 14th, 2012

Welcome back to Round 4 of Randy Jackson Presents America’s Best Dance Crew: Season 7 Return of the Superstars! You ready for this guys? If you haven’t already, watch the show right here.  It is getting tight and who knows where we’re going to go. Last week we said goodbye to Step Boys and now we’re down to six. Who will be the unlucky crew booted from the show? Who will dazzle and surprise the judges? Who will explain to us why Pauly D from The Jersey Shore is here?

Oh right, he’s a DJ! Glad he can leave the Jersey Shore  for the ABDC stage. Speaking of people from the New York/New Jersey state: this week’s superstar is miss Jenny from the block, Jennifer Lopez. And as an added treat, we get to meet Beau “Casper” Smart, who is Jennifer Lopez’s choreographer and (ahem) beau. The crews were challenged to the core with not only doing Jennifer Lopez justice through dance but also were thrown curve ball obstacles: they had to communicate an aspect of Jennifer’s life through dance and with certain surprise tweaks made by Beau.

First up were 8 Flavahs who certainly pumped up the jam with Let’s Get Loud. Their dance moves and choreography was certainly muy caliente. We obviously were notified about Angel’s mother’s passing and we’re sad we couldn’t have her up on stage but Lil’ Mama was right, Angel is an icon in her own right for her strength. Let’s Get Loud is not an easy song to dance to and we could tell that the girls were pulled out of their comfort zone for this one. But they pulled through beautifully.

Okay guys, we know that we have a soft spot for Mos Wanted Crew’s Ian. You know this too. This week, America was privy to this insider info when finally Ian got his cuteness exposed by the crew AND by Lil’ Mama. Thanks, Lil’ Mama. Get in line.

But in all seriousness, lately we’ve been disappointed by Mos Wanted Crew. They started off so strong (we thought they won it with their first performance with Flo Rida) and now they’re … having a rough go of it. Granted, their performance this week was a lot better than last week and they brought in fresh elements like really utilizing the top camera by wriggling around on the floor, but we have yet to be blown away as we once were. Ah well, we still got to look at Ian, right?

Now, here we go. Elektrolytes have continuously grown and grown, every week they kinda just blow us away. Their rendition of Jennifer Lopez’s Get Right was just so slick and hilarious. Their main man, Benjamin Barnett just took absolute control and shone as some sort of pliable Gumby character who beats up the rest of the crew in the end. That screams trust to us, you know? We say (now don’t quote us) that they’ll be in the Top Three. What do you think?

Ah, speaking of Top Three… here we are with the Bottom Three. Collizion Crew, Rated Next Generation, and Fanny Pak better get their acts together because the competition is hella tight!

We got Collizion Crew who undoubtedly were concerned with their performance for Jenny From The Block. They’re full of southern flavour, not the boogie b-boy stance of the Bronx. Did they get low enough to make Jennifer Lopez proud?

Then we had Rated Next Generation battle it out, performing moves they’ve only read about, much less danced. Ummm… just how old are they guys? Better question: how old are we? … Nevermind. These guys were their usual selves: clean, tight, and fun. D-Trix loved their performance. But did the other judges?

Last, but not least, we have Fanny Pak. Now, you probably got the hint from us that we’re not too impressed by these guys. Now the difference between our disappointment with Mos Wanted Crew and Fanny Pak lies in the high expectations we had for them. We expect the best. And when we’re not blown away, it is so easy to just feel poorly about the situation and watch anxiously as our faves get sent pak-ing. Yes, we went there.

However Fanny Pak were saved and Collizion Crew went home! Hope they can still boogie down south, they were really fun! And next week will be another day, another challenge, and the competition is only getting better and better.

Ah… this week’s Mario Lopez Quote of the Week is actually a move of the week. Let’s just say, he hulks out and does a bit of the AC Slater on the ABDC stage.

It never gets old, does it?

See you guys next week for the Pitbull challenge! We hear he’s performing on stage AND we just may see past crew Iconic Boys on the stage in the opening number! How about that? Keep dancin’ y’all.

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