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America’s Best Dance Crew Season 7: Round 6

June 4th, 2012

You know what time it is! Randy Jackson Presents: America’s Best Dance Crew Season 7: Return of the Superstars time! If you haven’t watched Round 6 yet, you can do so here. The crews started off with the bang in a group choreographed number with Rihanna’s We Found Love. It is sincerely amazing to see the crews jam out on the same stage – we never realize just how big the stage is until all of the crews are on there! For this number the crews also incorporated the use of trampolines, perhaps a foreshadow on some future stage props? We are down to five groups! Who is it gonna be? And this week we got the best superstar yet – Rihanna!

The first saved crew who will be dancing next week was Rated Next Generation. Last week RNG was in the bottom two, and now they’re sitting pretty on top. Their performance to Rihanna’s You Da One. They had to incorporate bowler hats in their routine as part of their challenge and we think they pulled it off. It is interesting that they mention that they have to go to school during their rehearsals, because it just shows how real this reality-based competition really is (we guess there are no free passes if you’re on television!). They had some great groovin’ moments and they really used the stage, and as Lil’ Mama said, they are “gangsta”.

Then we got to see 8 Flavahs with their dance to Birthday Cake which is admittedly a really mature song. Before the performance, we weren’t sure if they were able to pull it off. But, thankfully they totally did, especially with their pyrotechnic wands (and they seemed to not lost their hair over the sparks either)! The only thing we would say is that it lacked that “shaBAM!” factor that they usually have with “mature” songs (thinking back to their Madonna performance), and this week they didn’t have that spark (though, they did literally have sparks). We’ll just have to see for next week’s episode whether or not they can actually take the cake.

Mos Wanted Crew! They brought it back with their performance of Rihanna’s Cockiness, which comes to no surprise when we are shown how exactly they got drilled by John, one of the leaders of the crew… actually it was a little scary how drill sargeant-y he was. You can’t win without uniformity, so we hope it is worth it! And their choreography for Cockiness! JP’s solo! The jacket trick! Talk about being gentlemen with swagger. We hope they bring it even harder next week.

And now we’re down with Elektrolytes in the final two with Fanny Pak. Elektrolytes had to light up the stage with Rihanna’s Where Have You Been and incorporate a mic stand in their routine. If you caught it, you might have noticed that the boys brought out their secret playbook and have a special dance called “The Randy Jackson”. Will they pull that one out for this performance? Turns out that they didn’t need to because their dance to the megahit Where Have You Been by Rihanna was enough to win over the crowd.

Fanny Pak came out swinging with a flower power and rifle-infused performance to Rihanna’s Talk That Talk. Their precision with the rifles and the tricks they pulled off with them definitely were marks on how well this group is knit together (and unafraid of challenges like using props like heavy and unwieldy guns).

Unfortunately, as much as Fanny Pak wanted to tell America to Don’t Stop The Music, they were cast out, and now we are left with only four crews. The heat is definitely on because now it is do or die! And next week we can look forward to the musical styling of 2012 MMVA co-hosts L.M.F.A.O. to bring it on the ABDC stage.

Mario Lopez Quote of the Week: “Group hug! Group hug!”

See you again next week for another dose of Randy Jackson Presents: America’s Best Dance Crew Season 7: Return of the Superstars! Be sure to watch next Sunday at 8pm ET/ 5pm PT right here on MuchMusic.

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