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America’s Best Dance Crew Season 6: Round 6

May 26th, 2011

Somebody’s got the Bieber Fever BAD! It was Justin Bieber week on ABDC and you could tell everyone’s temperature was rising as they pulled off all the moves the Biebs is famous for (except for the hair flip – we’ll have to wait until next season!). Check out how each crew did HERE and which one was sent home packing.

Iconic Boys
Challenge: Basketball moves
Song: Baby Baby Baby

OMG! Not only did the group dance the challenge like pros with style (dribbling, spinning top, passing, and making a hoop and slam-dunking!) but also channeled the Biebs at the same time! They worked in some swagger, chopped a girl, did wicked dance moves and did it all with a Bieber-like smirk!

I aM mE
Challenge: Usher Glide
Song: Somebody To Love

OMFG! This is so the group to beat this season. They are definitely making it to the finale if not winning the season outright! Opening with the pinwheel formation alone WAS SIIIK! Plus, they didn’t just do the Usher slide – they were sliding all over the place! The best one was the ring at the end, but overall, the dance was TOUGH! When they take a challenge, they TAKE IT ON!

Phunk Phenomenon
Challenge: Create A Beat (like drums)
Song: Eenie Meanie

This was pretty damn WICKED too! I don’t know how peeps are going to pick a winner – they’re all so good! They totally brought in beats using their feet and bodies..AND…used the entire stage, worked with the song and did chair spins – TWICE! They did everything and then brought things we’ve never seen!


Street Kingdom
Challenge: Martial Arts (high-flying kicks)
Song: Never Say Never

They managed a cool punch move (ripping through a dancer’s back) and a kick at the end…but I think the martial arts could have used better. They spent too much time facing off with each other as two rival teams than actually using fighting moves in the routine. Then again they are a crunk group so it was probably a little hard for them to change up their style this drastically.

ELIMNATED: Instant Noodles
Challenge: Dance with Chairs (lift it up and flip it around)
Song: Runaway Love

I’ve been waiting for this. I never thought they were a strong group, although I was impressed by this routine. Their best moves were when they were not using the chairs. Which is great, except it missed the whole point of the challenge. In their defense, they were the only group to sport the purple hoodies!

What do you think? Was the right crew eliminated? Which crew is your favourite?


Round 5 – Rihanna

Round 4 – Katy Perry

Round 3 – The Black Eyed Peas

Round 2 – Ke$ha

Round 1 – Lil’ Wayne

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