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America’s Next Top Model Ep. 7: Will you be my American/UK girl?

April 19th, 2012

Estelle is the guest judge on this week’s episode of America’s Next Top Model and even gets to have a FFF (fierce food fight) with the models while they attempt to booty tooch on top of a table. I hope the health inspector isn’t coming by any time soon, because the competition is heating up and the girls are getting nasty!

Find out who still hates who, who got a pie in the face and whose booty tooched it’s way out the door!

Watch this week’s episode of America’s Next Top Model online here!


Estelle = awesomesauce +10
America’s Next Top Model did the (not so) impossible and made me cry. +10
After spending weeks discussing legs, arms, faces, booty’s and every other body part, the first half of the episode focused on what really makes someone beautiful. +20

Working the words ‘booty tooch’ into every sentence makes me want to tooch myself in the face. -10
Drama over fake bum pads = tamest cast ever in ANTM history. -5

Total: 35 pts


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