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An Ode To Taylor Swift’s Bad Dance Moves

August 19th, 2014


Taylor Swift’s latest music video Shake It Off shows off Taylor’s love of dancing, but also her shameless admittance to her now-infamous bad dancing. She can’t dance like a pro, so what? Doesn’t mean she can’t boast her hilariously bad dance moves in an awesome music video! See, that’s what makes us love her even more than we already do.

Of course, as mentioned, Taylor’s dance moves have become quite famous by now. Because, well, she dances everywhere. She dances at award shows.

giphy (8)

Like, at all of them.


She’s not afraid to really feel it during other people’s performances.

giphy (12)

And why should she be afraid? She’s Taylor Freakin’ Swift.

giphy (5)

But Taylor also breaks it down on the streets.

giphy (6)

During photoshoots.

giphy (15)

At meet-and-greets with her fans.

giphy (16)

Behind the scenes…

giphy (13)

And yes, when she’s performing.

giphy (7)

She’s been doing this for a very long time.

giphy (17)

Let’s not forget all the other music videos she’s danced in. Like 22.

giphy (4)

Or We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together, in her PJs.

giphy (3)

And this didn’t happen, but bless the person who created this GIF.

giphy (2)

So yes, Taylor Swift is a bad dancer. But our favourite bad dancer. So learn to love the new music video because this is surely not the last time we’ll be seeing Taylor Swift break out her moves.

giphy (10)

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