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PLL Episode 10: …And Then There Were Three…

December 29th, 2010

Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer spent all summer living in terror as the mysterious “A” hunted them down and exposed their secrets. Unfortunately one of them did not make it to the end credits of the summer season finale!

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Its party time for Hanna’s better half: Mona Vanderwaal! The other popular girl of Rosewood High (after Hanna and Alison of course) is having her birthday bash in the woods. It’s a glamping trip: like camping only with glamourous tents housing massage tables, spa treatments and make-overs. Everyone who’s anyone in Rosewood is invited…except for Hanna Marin.

Mona un-invites Hanna after getting ditched during the day. And “A” doesn’t miss a beat. The mysterious texter sends the girls a message to come find her/him at the campsite at Mona’s bday bash. All four girls decide to attend and Hanna decides to keep watch from the outside. If “A’s” gonna hunt her friends, Hanna’s gonna hunt “A”!

Hanna doesn’t mean to ditch Mona but she gets delayed when the girls get called down to the principal’s office for more news on Alison. A videotape was anonymously sent to the FBI featuring Alison taking to an older man the night she disappeared!

All signs point to Toby Cavanaugh as the video shows her wearing his sweater. But the plot thickens!

Ian, an old boyfriend of Spencer’s sister Melissa, stops by to reconnect. This is after stopping by Alison’s memorial dedication a few weeks earlier. What Melissa doesn’t know is this is the same Ian that Alison caught having an affair with Spencer. But Melissa seems to know more than she lets on when talking to Spencer about Alison and her disappearance (maybe because she’s really “A”?).

As Emily arrives at the campsite Toby literally pops up in her car and explains everything he started to tell her at Homecoming. His step-sister Jenna was blackmailing him into a romantic relationship. If Toby didn’t keep up Jenna would tell the cops he forced himself on her. After Alison threw the firecracker blinding Jenna, Toby met up with her the morning she disappeared to say thank you for getting Jenna off is back (not that he planned it that way, but it did help it out!). He gave her his sweater and watched Alison get in a car with another man.

Aria manages to patch things up with the mother before she goes on her camping trip. She also sneaks in a few smooches with Noel which pisses off Ezra. He decides he has to see her the night of the camping trip.

And here we are at Camp Mona! Festivities are in full swing, and so is “A”. She taunts them to go to the place where the girls first found Alison’s bracelet (later revealed to be a fake). Emily and Aria get pulled into the birthday fun so it’s up to Spencer to find out what “A” wants. Instead Spencer finds a bracelet that belongs to Jenna and a message saying the girls aren’t looking in the right place.

Aria goes off to meet Ezra, Hanna is keeping watch by herself in the woods, and Spencer and Emily find the right place. Literally the Wright playground – a place Alison liked to hang out. The two girls find a carving on a tree that reads “Alison + Ian”. Spencer admits Alison started a relationship with Ian after he ended things with Melissa and Spencer.

Suddenly Hanna seems something. A mysterious person is approaching a car parked in the distance in the woods. She whips out binoculars and sees the car belongs to Ezra…with Aria rocking his world inside! Of course Aria isn’t picking up her phone so Hanna goes on the hunt alone. Finally Spencer, Emily and Aria meet up and get a text from Hanna – she knows who “A” is!

Just as Hanna runs in to meet them a car pulls out from the darkness…and runs Hanna over! As the three girls are screaming beside her lifeless body they get another text:

“She knew too much – A”

Got a secret, can you keep it? Swear this one you’ll save. Better lock it, in your pocket, taking this one to the grave. If I show you then I know you won’t tell what I said. Cause two can keep a secret, if one of them is dead…Don’t Miss A Single Secret From Pretty Little Liars!

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