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ANTM Finale Recap

November 19th, 2009

Who is the winna....

And the winner is… BLOODY EYEBALL!

Over the course of this season’s America’s Next Top Model, we have witnessed some top model firsts! From having three permanent judges to guaranteed spots for models in the next round to narrowing down the finalists from four to two! The biggest first was of course PETITE MODELS! Girls under the 5’7” mark were allowed to try out for the first ever petite Top Model cycle. Who knew the much shorter girls were the weirder girls as we got Laura, the farm girl with dyslexia from Stanford, Kentucky standing at 5’6” and Nicole, the social outcast who ate lunch in the washroom stalls at school from Louisville, Colorado standing at 5’7” as the top two finalists of this season.

The episode started off with the challenge: CoverGirl commercial and photo shoot! Tyra mail stated “If a model falls in the forest, does anyone hear it?” hinting at the concept of the commercial. The girls were hikers but since they were also CoverGirls, (who hikes when you are a CoverGirl?!) they were sophisticated looking with long straight hair. Laura did not let her dyslexia get in the way of shooting her commercial and thinks of milkshakes and little cats during her photo shoot with noted fashion photographer, Nigel Barker, to achieve a raw emotion. Nicole appeared to be snooty during her commercial take as creative director, Jay Manuel said, but made up for it during the photo shoot by delivering amazing shots.

The girls are treated as if they were top models already by having the Seventeen cover shoot done in their house and having top fashion photographer Gilles Bensimon shoot their covers. He has worked with Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford, Rachel Williams, and is one of Tyra’s favourite photographers. Seventeen editor in chief Ann Shoket says the girls are neck in neck and it could be anyone’s win at this point.

There must be some sort of emotional story to these finalists as Tyra visits their house for a special one-on-one. Each of them talk about their struggles through life and of course, it’s as if it’s rehearsed, the typical line of “I never though this would happen to me in a million years and here I am, as the finalist of America’s Next Top Model!” After the tear wiping and clearing off the snot, it is time for the final task: the runway.

Another Top Model first happened as past eliminated girls were brought back to be in the runway show as well. All four of them were rooting for Laura as they believe she is a top contender. Special appearances were made from Eddie Murphy as his daughter Bria Murphy also modeled in the show alongside cycle 12 winner, Teyona. The theme of the runway consisted of the elements of fire, wind, and water. Each element was pretty stereotypically portrayed with red light for fire, wind machine for wind, and showers for water. Nicole sorta looked like an angry hunchback storming down the walk while Laura kept it consistent and strong. The designer, Julia Clancey, looked proud of the girls at the end of the show as she waved the audience thanks.

Judging began with Tyra announcing the prizes for one last time: a contract with Wilhelmina Models, a $100,000 contract with CoverGirl cosmetics and a cover along with a six-page spread within Seventeen magazine. Each girl’s journey was critiqued were many adjectives such as amazing or breathtaking or extravagant. Nicole’s runway walk did not go unnoticed as Tyra called it her “signature” walk. Her photos were also being called high fashion and beautiful. Her commercial was very likeable but there was no “model” being portrayed. Laura’s assessments were very close behind Nicole’s causing a difficult decision for the judges.

Does the girl who is a transformer on camera with the bubbly personality but not a model in person win? Or does the girl with the amazing haute couture poses and photos with the stoner personality win? Two beautiful ladies stand before me but only one could win America’s Next Top Model.

The winner of America’s Next Top Model is… Nicole! From week one, this girl was the one to beat and people believe Tyra would not choose the obvious leaving Laura to win. Not the case on this season of firsts as Nicole, standing at 5’7” wins the competition. Laura’s heartbreak was devastating to watch as she was too close to the finish line.

“I’m a dork and I’m America’s Next Top Model!” This is living proof that the girl who was the outcast throughout school had her dream come true on television. Take that you bullies!

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