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Arrow Ep. 1: Pilot

October 12th, 2012

After coming back from the dead, Oliver Queen returns to Starling City as a new man with a dark past and a future as a vigilante. Find out what happened on tonight’s premiere of Arrow and check out our countdown of the episode’s five best badass moments!

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When Oliver Queen, son to billionaire Robert Queen, was shipwrecked in the North China sea, he lost his father and his girlfriend’s sister. But Oliver survived for five years on an island by himself, until he was rescued by a fishing boat that spotted a fire Oliver had set. Today, Oliver is back home with his family, including his mother, who has now remarried his father’s business associate Walter Steele, and his younger sister, who seems to be the only person Oliver is happy to see.

Leaving a playboy and returning a secret vigilante, Oliver’s father made his dying words to his son ones of redemption, telling Oliver to take back the city Robert helped build. Keeping his identity as the man in the green hood, or the Arrow, hidden from everyone close to him, Oliver vows to take down his father’s and the city’s enemies one by one.

This week, Oliver targeted Adam Hunt, a man who has stolen money from the poor and is on the receiving end of a lawsuit from Oliver’s ex-girlfriend, Laurel Lance. Laurel is understandably not very happy to see Oliver, since her sister died on his boat while he was having an affair with her. The city’s head detective also isn’t happy to see Oliver back in town, since Laurel and Sarah are his daughters.

Oliver’s return to the city gets off to a bumpy start when, along with his best friend Tony, the two men are jumped and tazed by masked men who want answers about what Robert Queen told his son before he died. What they should have asked was how much training Oliver did while on the deserted island, since he quickly escapes from his handcuffs and takes all the men down by himself.

Needing a place to set up his headquarters, Oliver breaks into his father’s abandoned warehouse and uses it as his training space, readying for a fight against Adam Hunt, who Oliver demands deposit $40 million into a bank account to repay the people he stole from or face the wrath of the Arrow. I’d deposit the money.

To create an alibi, Oliver asks Tony to throw him a coming home party, but quickly vanishes to break into Hunt’s office, take out his entire team of security guards and plant a device that will allow him access to Hunt’s funds.

Oliver makes it back to the party in time to run into Laurel and tell her that she’s better off without him, knowing that she’s secretly been seeing Tony and that he will spend most of their relationship lying to her about his whereabouts. I have a feeling this relationship isn’t over.

The final scene reveals that it was Oliver’s mother who hired the men to kidnap her son and demand information on what he knows about his father’s business. I know that he has a crappy mom.

Top 5 Most Badass Moments of Arrow Ep. 1

5. A hood is way more practical than a cape.

4. Oliver ran around the island for five years with no shoes. Calluses on calluses.

3. When Oliver decides that he doesn’t want to be babysat by the secret agent his mother hired to drive him around, he silently jumps out of the backseat of the moving vehicle. Ninja-like and good at landings. Impressive.

2. As part of his training, Oliver shoots six moving tennis balls with his arrows. Archery is underrated.

1. Instead of being crafty with his plan to break into Adam Hunt’s office where he knew a highly weaponized security team was waiting for him, Oliver took the elevator! The elevator! Badass.


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