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Arrow Ep. 12: Vertigo

February 1st, 2013

When Oliver tries to take down a drug lord in an attempt to take pressure of Thea and keep her out of jail, he finds himself fighting through an overdose. Find out what happened on tonight’s episode of Arrow under the jump!

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After taking the drug vertigo at her birthday party and crashing her new convertible, Thea was arrested for having drugs in her system while driving. Oliver has been working non-stop as Arrow to find the supplier of Vertigo and after going through three dealers, he finally gets a name – The Count.

He visits an old friend who offers really, really quickly, to give Oliver the file on everything the police have gathered on The Count. I think she has a crush on Oliver. I get it.

Oliver takes the file to The Bratva and offers it in exchange for a meeting with The Count. The Bratva member agrees, but suspicious that an American has such a high rank in the Bratva, he tests Oliver by making him kill a man they are holding captive at the garage. Oliver does this, but on the way to his car he shows Diggle that the man has only been put into a very deep sleeper hold and brings him back to life with a simple touch to the neck. DO NO TRY THIS AT HOME.

Oliver has a flashback to his time on the island when he was discovered after stealing the clothes of a soldier and attempting to blend into the camp. The captain shows Oliver that the man in the hood who had been protecting them is actually part of their army. After starving Oliver for a few days, the hood takes Oliver out of the cage and to a circle of men watching the guy in the terrifying mask kill another man with his bare hands.

The hood begins to fight Oliver and shows the other men that he has killed him. They take Oliver’s body to the edge of a cliff and the man in the hood pushes him over a waterfall, but secretly performs the same move on Oliver and brings him back to life. Before pushing Oliver over the side, the hood also slips a map in Oliver’s jacket, showing him how to get back to their camp.

It’s the day of Thea’s court hearing and rather than accept the plea deal for community service her lawyer has worked out, the judge decides that in light of the growing vertigo epidemic, he’s going to make an example out of Thea and send her case to court.

Oliver calls in a favour to Laurel and asks her to speak to her father, which she does reluctantly, only because she sees the same troubled teen in Thea that she saw in her sister, Sarah. Also reluctantly, Detective Lance agrees to speak with the judge and gets Thea’s plea deal put back in place, as long as she agrees to Laurel acting as her guardian for the community service hours. Intent on making her mother suffer for the affair Thea believes Moira is having with Tommy’s father, Thea rejects the offer and accepts possible jail time. GURL. Fed up with Thea and her attitude, Oliver finally tells Thea the truth. Their father had a number of affairs during his marriage to Moira, not the other way around. Still upset, Thea storms off, refusing to believe Oliver.

The Bratva come through and set up a meeting with Oliver and The Count. When the two men begin to exchange The Count’s drugs for Oliver’s cash, the police show up and raid the deal.

The Count takes off and Oliver chases him, but The Count gets away after he stabs two syringes of vertigo into Oliver’s chest. Diggle manages to get Oliver back to their headquarters and heal him before he overdoses, but the drugs have done serious damage to Oliver’s system.

Oliver’s police friend, who was at the raid, recognized Oliver and put him at the scene. She and Detective Lance show up at the Queen house the next day and Oliver admits he was there to try to get close to The Count and bring justice to the man whose drugs hurt Thea. The police are mad, but there isn’t much they can do about it at this point.

Thea, finally realizing how serious her situation is and that Oliver is telling the truth, finally apologizes to Moira and agrees to take the plea deal to avoid jail. Well DUH.

Before Oliver can enjoy the happy family moment, he passes out. Again, Diggle gets him to their hide out before anyone notices, but Oliver refuses to slow down. They take the syringes The Count stabbed Oliver with to Felicity and ask her to find out where the water in the drugs is coming from. Felicity determines that the water in the syringes is from an abandoned juvenile detention hall. Seriously, someone needs to give her a raise.

Diggle is worried that Oliver isn’t ready to fight, but he goes after The Count that night anyways. Oliver stumbles, but still manages to fight his way through The Count’s men and get to the supplier himself just as the police arrive.

Detective Lance and his team have their guns aimed at Oliver, but he manages to shield himself with the Count before he stabs the drug lord with his own vertigo and escape.

Later that night, Felicity asks Oliver to meet her at a bar so that she can show him something private. That something is the book Walter found in Moira’s room, the same book Oliver’s father left him, which included the names of the people to seek vengeance on. Felicity is scared that this book got Walter killed, while Oliver, who pretends that he’s never seen the book, may finally realize that his mother is not as innocent as she seems.


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