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Arrow Ep. 13: Betrayal

February 8th, 2013

When one of Starling City’s most notorious criminals kidnaps Laurel in order to get close to the Hood, Oliver finally admits that he has a blind spot when it comes to the people he loves. Find out what happened on tonight’s episode of Arrow under the jump!

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Criminal kingpen Cyrus Vanch has been released from Iron Heights jail and makes his first post-jail appointment at his lawyer’s house to kill the man and make his mansion Vanch’s new headquarters. Vanch is planning on taking over the Triad and the Bertonelli gang, but needs to show both groups that he’s capable of making big things happen. What would be bigger than taking down the Hood?

After Felicity Smoke showed Oliver the book given to her by Walter, Oliver confronts his mother with the list of Starling City’s most notorious. Moira says that she assumes it was his father and thinks it’s best for everyone in their family to stop asking questions. She makes her point even clearer by throwing the book into the fireplace.

Thea is beginning her community service at Laurel’s air conditioned law office and not on the side of the road picking up trash, but is still as snarky as ever. Laurel’s attention quickly turns away from Thea and to another lawyer, who informs Laurel that Cyrus has been released from jail. Knowing there is only one person capable of taking down one of Starling City’s most notorious killers, Laurel uses her special cell phone to call the hood. Oliver plays Cyrus a visit as the Hood and proceeds to kill about ten men protecting him, but not Cyrus. Why wouldn’t he kill the giant murderer?

Diggle, concerned about Moira’s involvement with the book, begins driving her around in an attempt to find out if she’s up to anything suspicious. When he follows her into a meeting with her accountant, Diggle uses a microphone and a bug on the other side of the wall to listen into the conversation. Moira is meeting with Malcolm Meryl, though his voice is distorted in Diggle’s recording when he plays it back for Oliver.

The two discuss using intimidation to stop someone from doing something, but the juiciest part is when Malcolm tells Moira to get rid of the remains of the Queen’s Gambit. Oliver and Diggle aren’t sure exactly how Moira is involved with the disappearance of Robert, but now they know she is involved in some way. That’s a hard pill to swallow.

After listening in on Laurel’s phone call to the Hood, Detective Lance using his department to set up a sting in an attempt to capture Oliver. Instead, he’s successful at ruining his relationship with his daughter.

When someone in Lance’s department tells Cyrus Vanch’s girlfriend about Laurel’s relationship with the Hood, Vanch and his men take Laurel hostage, leaving behind a note in her apartment for the Hood to come for her. Tommy finds the note and takes it straight to Lance, who finally admits that he needs the Hood and calls Oliver on the Arrow-phone. Oliver heads straight to Vanch’s and takes out his army of men with Lance and his men arriving in time to arrest Cyrus and let Oliver get away.

Lance is ecstatic that his daughter is safe, but she’s more concerned with her father using her as bait and almost getting her killed. Ya, that’s a bit upsetting. Dressed as the Hood, Oliver waits outside the police station for Laurel and apologizes for involving her and almost getting her killed.

Having almost lost Laurel in an attempt to take down Cyrus, Oliver finally admits to Diggle that he has a blind spot for the people he loves and decides that it’s time to pay his mother a visit. This time he does it as the Hood. That’s tough love.

On tonight’s episode of Arrow, Oliver’s flashback to the island includes an introduction to Slade Wilson after he follows Yao-Fei’s map to the site of a plane crash.

Slade was partnered with another man and sent to the island to rescue Yao-Fei, the man who had rescued Oliver. Oliver explained that Yao-Fei sent him to Slade, who decides to recruit Oliver to replace his partner and help him take the airfield on the island. But in order for Oliver to become Slade’s partner, the soldier must first make a fighter out of Oliver.


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