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Arrow Ep. 15: Dodger

February 22nd, 2013


Oliver and Diggle’s new recruit Felicity Smoak gets a little too close to their latest target. Meanwhile, Thea has another brush with the law and Moira Queen plots her revenge. Find out what happened on tonight’s brand new episode of Arrow below.

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A new criminal has arrived in Starling City and goes by the name of the Dodger. He puts bomb collars on his victims and forces them to steal jewelry, setting off the bomb if they don’t follow his instructions. Oliver, Diggle and Felicity are meeting at Carly’s restaurant to work on their plan for catching Dodger. Oliver finally pushes Diggle to ask out Carly and he does, but pushes Oliver to ask out McKenna Hall, the police officer he used to hang out with.


Knowing that she’s on the Dodger case, Oliver asks McKenna out and then puts a listening device on her phone. Oliver is on his date with McKenna and things are going well, until she begins asking him about his time on the island and Oliver becomes defensive. She gets a call from work and leaves their uncomfortable date immediately, giving Oliver time to follow McKenna’s lead.


The Dodger is attempting to sell a high priced jewel when his deal is broken up by McKenna’s team and he escapes. Oliver is waiting for him in the alley, but the Dodger throws a grenade towards Oliver and fleas.


Oliver, Felicity and Diggle decide they need to tempt the Dodger and bring him out of hiding, so Oliver ‘borrows’ a family jewel in a home to lure the Dodger during the annual auction in Starling City. Felicity puts a GPS on the broach and follows the tracking to the Dodger, who has stolen the jewel.


She grabs him herself instead of waiting for Oliver and the Dodger puts a neck bomb on her. Diggle attempts to dismantle the bomb while Oliver follows the GPS signal, forcing the Dodgers car to crash and severs his nervous system.


Oliver finds McKenna at the police station, which is strangely empty, and offers an apology for becoming so defensive at dinner. They’re going to try going on another date, but are interrupted when Detective Lance shows up and tells McKenna she has been moved to his team to work on finding the vigilante. Well, this could get tricky.


Thea is still working with Laurel at the law office and the two women are walking back from lunch when Thea’s purse is stolen. They chase the thief and he gets away, but leaves part of his chain wallet behind.


Thea calls the stores that sell the chain and really, really easily gets the thief’s name. Detective Lance, who probably has more important things to do than question pick pockets, hauls Roy Harper, the theif, into the police station. Roy says that his father is dead and his mother suffers from the effects of vertigo. Her medical bills are piling up and he steals to help pay for them. Thea is listening in on the questioning, which I’m pretty sure is illegal, and tells Lance to let Roy go.


Thea finds Roy’s address, again, very easily, and visit his house in the Glades. She wants her purse back, but I think she really just wanted to see him again. Roy returns her belongings and offers a piece of advice – don’t listen to every sob story a criminal tells a cop. Well, this was romantic.


Moira meets with her old friend Frank, who worked with Robert on the Undertaking, a plan to make The Glades better. But with Robert’s death and Walter’s kidnapping, Moira wants out. Frank reminds her that when Robert spoke up, he was killed. Moira understands and know what she has to do to stay alive.


She meets with China White and asks her to kill Malcolm Merlyn.


Back on the island, Slade’s bullet wound has become infected and Oliver sets out to find the herbs Yao Fei used to heal Oliver. When Oliver gets back to the cave he shared with Yao Fei, he finds a man who has been beaten and tied up. The man says he was on a boat with his classmates and they were shipwrecked. He was the only one to make it to shore, where he was beaten by Fires and his men and left in the cave to die. The man pleads with Oliver for his life, but Oliver can’t shake the feeling that this man may not be who he says he is and leaves him in the cave to die.



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