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Arrow Ep. 16: Dead To Rights

March 1st, 2013


On tonight’s episode of Arrow, Oliver must reveal his identity to save someone that he loves. Plus, Moira’s plan to have Malcolm Merlyn killed does not goes as planned and Laurel receives shocking news from her past.

Find out what happened on tonight’s episode of Arrow below and watch new episodes of Arrow every Friday at 7E/4P on MUCH.

There’s a hit man arriving in Starling City and Oliver takes his own hit out on him, killing the man before the police have a chance to arrest him. Oliver grabs the man’s phone from the crime scene and puts Felicity to the task of decoding the phone in an attempt to uncover who the man was in Starling City to kill.


Oliver tries to take a night off from being the hood and has dinner with McKenna, Laurel and Tommy to celebrate Tommy’s birthday. Their dinner takes a downward turn when Tommy’s father, Malcolm Merlyn, shows up and invites Tommy to see him accept him Humanitarian of the Year Award later that week.


Meanwhile, Moira is still planning on having China White kill Malcolm and the women have picked the awards dinner as the venue. China White is prepping her men on the job and calls in an old friend – Deadshot.
He’s apparently not dead and with the help of China White’s laser eye, is able to return to his trade.


Felicity manages to crack part of the assassin’s phone and finds the last number he called. It’s a Chinese restaurant the Mob in Starling City use as a front. Oliver takes Tommy there for dinner and the two men have a heart to heart about fathers, with Oliver finally convincing Tommy to give his father a second chance. Oh Oliver, if you only knew. Oliver takes a quick break to assault two men in the back room and gather information and learns that the hit is happening in two days.


It’s the day of the awards event and Tommy decides to support his father. Laurel, on the other hand, is doing her best to avoid calls from her mother. Felicity manages to crack the remaining codes protecting the assassin’s phone and learns that the target is Malcolm Merlyn. Oliver, who is on a date with McKenna, excuses himself and heads to the awards dinner, calling the always angry Detective Lance on the way to give him a heads up.


When Malcolm finishes his acceptance speech, China White activates the fire alarm in an attempt to push Malcolm into the parking lot, giving Deadshot a, well, shot.


When China White’s men take out Malcolm’s security detail, he grabs Tommy and heads to his office in the penthouse, where there is a panic room. That seems normal for a businessman. Not.


On their way up, more of China White’s men attack, but Tommy is shocked to see him father easily disarm and kill the hired guns. They make it to Malcolm’s office and Malcolm is about to show Tommy the disguise of his alter ego when Deadshot shoots Malcolm through the window.


Oliver, meanwhile, is trying to make his way to Malcolm and Tommy, but runs into China White on the way. The two killers fight and Oliver ends up on top with his arrow pointed on China White, when McKenna bursts in and orders him to freeze.


Oliver manages to shoot a fire extinguisher and gives himself the chance to get away.


Oliver makes his way to Malcolm’s office and smells the bullet casings, realizing that it’s Deadshot’s handy work, which also means that Malcolm has been poisoned. Oliver asks Tommy to trust him and let him perform a blood transfusion between the two Merlyn men, but when Tommy objects, Oliver pulls back his hood and reveals his identity to his best friend.


Shocked, Tommy agrees to the blood transfusion and watches Oliver escape before the police arrive.


At the hospital that night and back in his civilian clothing, Tommy asks Oliver whether he was ever going to tell him that he was the vigilante. Oliver reluctantly admits that he was never going to tell Tommy. In Malcolm’s room, Moira puts on an act as the concerned friend and agrees with Malcolm when he tasks her with finding the traitor in the group that attempted to have him killed.


Laurel, who is on her way to the hospital to see Malcolm and Tommy, is shocked to open her apartment door and find her mother standing there. She’s even more shocked when her mother tells her that her sister Sarah, who was on the boat with Oliver, may still be alive. Say what?


In tonight’s episode of Arrow, we see Oliver and Slade working together to fix the radio on the plane. After a few days, Olive is able to get it working, but the men can only listen and not call out. What they do hear is Fires telling his men about a beast, which they find out is one of the world’s deadliest tanks. At least they have tiny knives?


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