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Arrow Ep. 2: Honour Thy Father

October 19th, 2012

Oliver makes a decision about his future with the Queen corporation and finds an ally in his new bodyguard, Diggle. Find out what happened on tonight’s episode of Arrow after the jump!

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Now that he’s come back from the dead, Oliver must take part in a proof of life trial. Old memories from his time on the island come flooding back, especially his final days with his father.

Oliver’s mother, Moira Queen, and her new husband Walter Steele, are anxious for Oliver to take over his father’s empire, but Oliver tells them that he’s not ready to live in his father’s shadow. In reality, constant board meetings and the watchful eye of Walter would make secretly saving Starling City not so secret.

Laurel is ready to take on her new scumbag of Starling City, this time Martin Somers, who slit the throat of his employee Victor Nosenti after Victor threatened to tell the police about Somers’ drug smuggling business. Somers name also comes up on Robert Queen’s hit list, making him Oliver’s latest mark.

When shooting arrows at his head and stringing him up by his feet don’t work to scare Somers, the drug lord calls in his secret weapon – China White.

When Somers utters threats against Laurel to her father, Detective Lance has his only living daughter put under 24 hour police protection. This barricade proves too weak for China White, who breaks into Laurel’s apartment in an attempts to assassinate the young lawyer.

Thankfully, Oliver was there to apologize to Laurel for telling her to stay away from him.

Unarmed, Oliver is unable to fight White China alone, but with the help of his bodyguard Diggle, the two men are able to scare the assassin away.

Later when they’re alone, Diggle points out that Oliver was able to throw a knife like a trained professional. Oliver tries to shrug off the comment, but Diggle seems to be the only person that sees the real Oliver.

Now that an attempt has been made on Laurel’s life, Oliver will stop at nothing to take down Martin Somers. When the drug lord tries to flee the city, Oliver attacks his bodyguards.

Somers doesn’t get away in time and Oliver is able to get a confession about murdering his former employee, but his grand finale is interrupted by China White’s appearance. Oliver and China White exchange words in Mandarin. How does he know Mandarin? I’m starting to think that he wasn’t alone on that island.

Oliver and China White fight, but both disappear in opposite directions when the police begin to close in on them.

Oliver isn’t lucky enough to escape unseen and Detective Lance pulls his gun on Oliver, ordering him to drop his bow. Instead, Oliver throws an arrow at the Detective’s gun, disarming Lance and providing a tape recording of Somer’s confession.

Realizing that he can’t be the Oliver his mother wants him to be and avenge his father, Oliver puts on a show at the dedication ceremony of a building in his father’s name, convincing everyone that he’s still the selfish Oliver he was five years ago.

In the final scenes of tonight’s episode of Arrow we learn two extremely important things. Not only did Moira Queen hire the goons to kidnap her son on last week’s episode and demand information on his father, but she also knew that the yacht that Robert and Oliver were on was going to be sabotaged. Hm. I’m starting to understand why Oliver wasn’t more excited to see his mother after five years. Whoever Moira was meeting with held a book that showed the same symbol in the notebook Oliver found on his father when he died.

Secondly, Oliver was not alone on that island. He is not the first Arrow.


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