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Arrow Ep. 22: Darkness On The Edge of Town

May 10th, 2013


It’s the final episode before next week’s finale of Arrow and now that Oliver knows his mother is working with Malcolm Merlyn, he must decide who he needs to protect. Plus, Roy’s obsession with finding the hood pushes Thea away.

Find out what happened on tonight’s episode of Arrow after the jump! Don’t miss the season finale of Arrow next Friday at 7E/4P.

On the island, Slade, Shado and Oliver have been capture by Fires and his men after Yao Fei led them to the hiding spot. They’re brought back to camp and Oliver sees the man that begged him for help in the cave manning the radio. Fires wants Yao Fei in uniform in front of a camera sending a message to the world that he is the one behind pulled the trigger that will send the bombs to kill a commercial plane flying to China.


If air travel is grounded in China it will bring down their economy, which is the goal of Fires’ boss. Yao Fei refuses, until he breaks Oliver’s knee and shoots Shado and Slade. Yao Fei obliges, secretly passing Oliver a knife before he recites the speech. With no more use for him, Fires kills Yao Fei in front of his daughter.


Back in Starling City, Malcolm is in the hood and showing no mercy when it comes to killing every scientist and security personnel employed at Unidac industry to keep his plan a secret.


Laurel goes to see Oliver at the club and says that she may also have feelings for him, but he breaks her heart all over again and says that even though he loves her, he can’t act on his feelings.


Ready to break another heart, Oliver confronts his mother next about Walter’s disappearance. She pleads with him to stop asking questions, but they’re interrupted by arrows hitting them both in the next, rendering them unconscious.


Moira and Oliver come to while tied to chairs and the Arrow begins questioning them. Or at least Diggle dressed as Arrow. Diggle demands to know what the undertaking is and when Moira refuses to tell him, he begins beating Oliver. Moira finally complies and says that Malcolm is planning to level the Glades with a device Unidac invented that will cause an earthquake. Her husband got involved with the project, but he was trying to do something good. Robert Queen’s decisions left Moira vulnerable to Malcolm and she had to go along to save her family. Diggle releases Moira and Oliver, but Oliver refuses to speak to his mother.


Roy is still obsessed with trying to find out the vigilantes identity and has enlisted Thea to help. She hangs around the police station and overhears Detective Lance saying that he knows the massacre at Unidac is somehow connected to Merlyn industries.


Oliver knows there is a connection now too because of Moira’s confession and he and Felicity and Diggle break into Merlyn when Felicity finds that she’s unable to break through the company’s firewall from the outside. Posing as a delivery girl, Felicity meets Oliver in the elevator, who is there under the pretense of having a meeting with Tommy.


Diggle poses as a security guard and is able to get their elevator one floor below where the main IT system is located. Oliver and Felicity have to Batman their way to the second floor and I can’t help but wonder why Felicity didn’t shove her tablet into her pants and use two arms to cling to Oliver for her life.


They somehow make it without falling to their death and Felicity gets to work on breaking into the system. Oliver meets with Tommy and tries to convince him to give Laurel another chance, but Tommy doesn’t want to be anyone’s second choice. On his way back to meet Felicity, Oliver runs into Malcolm and takes the elevator to the lobby with the businessman, unable to think of a reason to stay on the floor and rescue Felicity.


Diggle manages to come up with a story and pretends that Felicity is one of Tommy’s groupies and escorts her out safely. In the lobby, Oliver sees Thea and finds out that she and Roy are staking the place looking for the vigilante.


Oliver does his best scare Roy out of his search, but Roy refuses to let the vigilante go and breaks up with Thea when she demands he make a choice.


Moira’s day is going from bad to worse when she gets home just in time to receive divorce papers from Walter. He knows that she had something to do with his kidnapping and refuses to be married to a woman he can’t trust.


Oliver realizes that once Merlyn is taken out his quest to take down all the names in his father’s book are no longer an issue. Feeling close to freedom, Oliver goes to Laurel’s house and tells her that he can finally be with her.


She reciprocates and all is good…until Tommy walks by and sees the two of them having sex through the window. Good eye sight on that one. So now Tommy knows Oliver is the hood and he’s sleeping with his ex. This won’t end well.


Felicity manages to hack into the system and locate the device. Diggle calls Oliver and the two meet at Merlyn’s warehouse. But when Diggle pulls the lid of the box containing the device, it’s gone. Oliver, dressed as the hood, confronts Malcolm who laughs, saying he knew someone hacked into his system and left a Trojan for Felicity to find.


The two men fight and Oliver is knocked unconscious, leaving Malcolm the opportunity to pull back the hood and see his son’s best friend.



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