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Arrow Ep. 23: Sacrifice Finale

May 17th, 2013


On tonight’s amazingly badass season finale of Arrow, Oliver, Felicity and Diggle band together to stop the Undertaking along with some surprising allies, but Oliver isn’t able to save all those he loves in a shocking end to Season One of Arrow!

Check out the recap under the jump!

On the island, Yao Fei is dead and Fires is preparing to launch missiles at a commercial airplane when Oliver uses the knife Yao Fei gave him to break out of his ties and free Shado and Slade.


They fight Fires and his men, but it’s too late and Fires orders the missile to be launched. The three of them fight the men off and Oliver is able to reprogram the missile launcher to divert back to the island and avoid the plane.


After the explosion on the island, Oliver finds Slade, but neither of them know what happened to Shado. That is, until Fires appears with a gun to Shado’s head.


Oliver uses the bow and arrow he found earlier and this time he doesn’t miss, killing Fires and any chance he had of Fires calling in a rescue plane. Well, that was awfully badass.


After beating him unconscious in his office, Malcolm has Oliver hanging from chains in a dungeon. Malcolm apologizes for killing Oliver’s father by blowing up the boat and sentencing Oliver to hell on the island. Malcolm believes he’ll always beat Oliver because Oliver doesn’t know in his heart what he’s fighting for, but Malcolm does when it comes to the Glades.


Malcolm leaves Oliver alone and chained up in the empty room and Oliver gets to work freeing himself, managing to release the chains. Three of Malcolm’s thugs come after Oliver, who is able to fight them off, but when a third gun men comes at him, Diggle arrives just in time to save Oliver. Thank goodness for tracking devices in Oliver’s uniform.


After his IT specialist found Felicity hacking into Merlyn’s computer, Detective Lance picks her up. Felicity’s computer shows that she had information on all of the vigilante’s crimes, but before Lance can question her further, Oliver calls Lance as the hood and tells him about Malcolm’s plans to level the Glades. Oliver tells Lance to evacuate the Glades and get people to safety, begging the Detective to believe him. Lance releases Felicity, but tells her to not leave town.


Lance goes straight to his Lieutenant and informs him about the vigilante’s warning and gets suspended from his job.


Oliver finds Tommy drunk and waiting for him in the Club to yell at him about Laurel. Oliver tries to tell Tommy about Malcolm’s plan to destroy the Glades, but instead Tommy just tells Oliver that he wished his best friend had died on the island.


Oliver goes home and tells his mother the truth about his father, revealing that Robert didn’t die on the boat, but instead shot himself so that Oliver could survive on the food in their life raft. Oliver tries to convince his mother to help him stop Malcolm, but instead Moira gets a call from Malcolm telling her that the Undertaking has been accelerated and is now happening that night, with Oliver leaving before Moira can say anything else.


Oliver is ready to go after Malcolm when he finds a confused Laurel in his house wondering why he snuck out that morning. Oliver tells her that she’s the only person that ever saw the good in him and kisses her good bye, telling her to stay out of the Glades.


Oliver gets to his headquarters and Felicity has good news. She thinks she’s figured out where the device is being held, but she doesn’t have an exact spot. It’s somewhere in the old subway line under the Glades, but before Oliver can look for it, he gets a call from Thea telling him that their mother is holding a press conference in their living room.


Moira goes public with news of the Undertaking and names Malcolm as the leader of the movement and the man behind some of the city’s most high profile murders. Moira is arrested in her living room and isn’t able to stop Thea from running to the Glades to save Roy.


Tommy is still drunk when he gets to his father’s office and learns that Oliver wasn’t lying about the Glades. Malcolm plays a voicemail for Tommy. It’s Tommy’s mother’s voice from the night she was murdered, saying that no one helped her in the Glades after she was mugged and shot. Malcolm doesn’t think the city can be saved and wants everyone to die the way his wife died. Tommy and Malcolm see Moira’s press conference and Tommy is shocked to hear that his father killed people.


Before Malcolm can explain, a SWAT team arrives to arrest Malcolm. Instead, he kills all the men and then moves on to Tommy, knocking out his own son after Tommy pulls a gun on Malcolm in an effort to stop his father from killing more people.


The device has a remote activator, so Felicity plans on trying to deactivate the device while Oliver goes after Malcolm. Diggle agrees to let Oliver go, but not without him. Oliver calls Lance and asks for one last favour. He guesses the device is located where Tommy’s mother was killed and offers Felicity’s help to Lance to deactivate the device if Lance can clear the city.


Oliver and Diggle get to Malcolm’s office and find a bleeding Tommy. He’s still alive and the men turn their sights back to Malcolm, with Diggle quickly finding a false wall and Malcolm behind it. Diggle, Oliver and Malcolm engage in one of the most intense battles of the season and Diggle catches a knife in the shoulder, but urges Oliver to follow Malcolm to the roof.


Detective Lance is running through the subway system and finds the terrifying device. That thing looks like it’s from Alien. Lance has Felicity in his ear and seven minutes to deactivate the device. Felicity tells Lance to cut the blue wire and that speeds up the amount of time they have left. Panicking, Detective Lance calls his daughter to say his good bye.


Roy is running for safety when he finds three men robbing an elderly men. He takes on all three men and after beating up the first two, the third man pulls a gone on him, but an expertly aimed bottle from Thea takes the thug out. When Thea and Roy come across a bus with people trapped inside, Roy forces Thea to go on without him while he help the others.


Back on the roof of the Merlyn building, Oliver stabs Malcolm and stops him from using the remote detonator just as Lance manually stops the machine, but with Malcom’s dying breath he tells Oliver there is a second device. Ah shizz.


The second device detonates and Laurel is buried alive by falling rubble in her office. With Felicity giving him the coordinates of what’s been hit, Oliver knows that Laurel is in trouble. Before Oliver can save Laurel, Tommy gets to her office and lifts the cement off Laurel. She runs out of the building, but Tommy is left inside when the building collapses. Oliver finds his friend inside and alive, but it’s too late. Tommy uses his dying breath to apologize to Oliver. And time to cry.



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