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Arrow Ep. 3: The Lone Gunman

October 26th, 2012

When a new killer targets a member of his family, Oliver Queen is forced to ask Detective Lance for help. Plus, a person close to Oliver finally learns his true identity. Find out what happened on tonight’s episode of Arrow after the jump!

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This week’s target is James Holder, a man who made millions selling faulty smoke alarms to low incoming housing developments, resulting in numerous deaths. Oliver finds James holder on his balcony and while he’s condemning him for his acts, someone shoots Holder in the chest, grazing Oliver. Well, this week’s episode is over!

Adding another scar to his already beat up (but still hot) body, Oliver sews himself back together, but quickly realizes that the bullet is poisoned. He manages to grab medicinal herbs that were used on him after he was shot with an arrow on the island before he passes out.

Annnnd we’re back to the island! The man who shot Oliver was trying to keep him safe, but without speaking the same language, Oliver assumed the man was an enemy an escaped his cave. Still, the man rescued Oliver after he was caught in a net, getting him to safety right before another group found Oliver. Who are these people?

After regaining consciousness, Oliver dissects his bandages and discovers that the bullet was laced with a rare poison that has been used all over the world.

The killer is known by the name Deadshot and he tattoos his victims’ names on his body after he kills them. That must make it tricky to go to the beach.

Oliver goes back to Holder’s neighbourhood and finds one of the bullets that got caught in a nearby building. With more evidence, Oliver is able to trace to the bullet back to the Russian mob. Oliver goes to a Polish garage (apparently he can speak Polish now as well) and demands to know the whereabouts of Alexi Leonov, showing a tattoo on his chest indicating that he’s Bratva. The Polish mechanic apologizes for not knowing who Oliver is and refers to him as a Captain in the Bratva. Oliver says that he wants a hired gun who uses the same bullet that killed James Holder and the mechanic promises to locate his shooter.

The police find Oliver’s arrow at the scene of the crime, but Detective Lance is confused as to why the murder weapon was a bullet and not an arrow. He suspects that the man in the green hood is not their killer this time, but he’s having trouble convincing the rest of the squad.

As a way to hide his secret base and work as an alibi for his absences, Oliver wants to open a club with Tony and shows him the space he was thinking of for the club in his father’s old warehouse. Diggle points out that the warehouse is in a dangerous neighborhood, so Oliver suggest that profits from the club go back into the community. Oliver and Tony decide to check out their competition at a club that night and run into Laurel and Thea.

Actually, they run into a very drunk Thea, who proceeds to tell her brother that Laurel and Tony have been sleeping together.

The mechanic comes through and finds Deadshot’s hotel room for Oliver, who breaks into Deadshots room and is met by gunfire. Deadshot gets away, but Oliver manages to steal his laptop before the police arrive.
The next day, Oliver asks Felicity Smoke, an employee in the Queen Industries IT department, to crack into the computer.

She manages to recover information about an auction the Walter Steele is attending, including blueprints for the Exchange Building where it’s set to take place. Knowing that he can’t cover the building alone, Oliver grabs Detective Lance and tells him everything he knows about the Exchange building, asking for his help.

It’s the night of the auction and the building is surrounded, but Deadshot still manages to get his hiding spot.

Detective Lance sees a red lazer beam on Walter and manages to save him just in time. Oliver races through the building and finds Deadshot.

The men exchange bullets and arrows until Oliver expertly shots Deadshot in the eye, killing him. Unfortunately, Oliver wasn’t able to protect his bodyguard Diggle, who caught a bullet from Deadshots gun.

Oliver manages to get Diggle back to his base and heal the man with his herbs, waiting for Diggle to finally wake up and see the identity of the man in the green hood.


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