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Arrow Ep. 4: An Innocent Man

November 2nd, 2012

Oliver recruits a second member for his vigilante team, but his past actions catch up with him and threaten to take Arrow down for good. Find out what happened on tonight’s episode of Arrow after the jump!

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In his flashback to the island, Oliver remembers almost starving to death in his first days, while his capture refused to share his food. Instead, the man gave Oliver a bird, which Oliver eventually killed and ate. The man, who up until this point had not communicated with Oliver, finally spoke to him in English, telling Oliver he would have to learn how to kill in order to survive.

After getting shot last week by Deadshot, Oliver has carried Diggle to his hideout and given his bodyguard herbs for the poisonous bullet. Diggle wakes up, shocked to see Oliver in his Arrow suit. When Oliver explains that his goal is to rid the city of villains, Diggle calls him a criminal and a murderer. Oliver wants Diggle to join him, but Diggle refuses and quits.

Unable to sleep that night, Oliver finds his sister Thea watching TV. There’s a story on the news about Peter Declan, a man convicted of killing his wife, Camille. Declan is set to receive the death penalty in a few days, but when the reporter mentions that Camille worked for Peter Brodeur, Oliver’s mind goes into overdrive. Brodeur’s name was on Robert Queen’s list of men to take down and Oliver begins to look into the case. Camille found out that her boss, Jason Brodeur, was illegally dumping toxic waste into the Glades and was going to blow the whistle on him. It looks like Brodeur planned her murder and set her husband up in the process. Knowing that Laurel can’t turn down a case involving an innocent man, Arrow visits her in her apartment, using a voice disguiser and telling her what he found on the case.

Laurel goes to her father the next day to look at the files from the case and finds out that Declan testified his wife spoke to her boss, Matt Ishtook, about the toxic dumping, although Ishtook denied having seen Camille the day she was killed. Knowing what a powerful man Brodeur is, Laurel starts with Ishtook, who is sticking to his story.

Laurel gets a message from Arrow to meet on top of her apartment later that night to discuss the case. I wonder if she’s charging him by the hour? Laurel tells Arrow that Ishtook denied having seen Camille, so Arrow decides to use his persuasive voice.

And by persuasive voice I mean he shot him with an arrow and handcuffed Ishtook to railway tracks. Scared for his life, Ishtook admits that Brodeur paid him off to deny speaking to Camille and kept the file she gave him in his desk at home. Arrow lets him live, but I’m pretty sure he just aged about three decades.
After receiving the file from Arrow, Laurel presents her case to a judge, who still refuses to give Peter Declan a stay of execution. Jason Brodeur and his goons are in the courtroom and make a plan to shut Laurel up for good.

Knowing she’ll be heading straight to jail to visit Declan, Brodeur’s men pay off a guard, who opens the cells and leaves his fellow guards to be beaten to death by inmates. Laurel is attacked by the same man who killed Camille, but thankfully Arrow is there to fight the man off before he strangles Laurel to death. Laurel stops Arrow before he kills the hit man and he manages to escape before the SWAT team grab him, blending in by wearing a ski mask and a guard uniform.

The hitman confesses to Camille’s killing and Jason Brodeur takes Peter Declan’s place behind bars, freeing the widow to raise his daughter.

Relieved to be alive, Laurel tells her father, Detective Lance, that while Arrow did save her, she saw no remorse in his eyes when he almost killed the hitman. Learning that he wore a different disguise than his usual hood, Detective Lance decides to go back to the surveillance tape from the shooting at the Exchange Tower and finds his man. It’s Oliver in the hallway grabbing his bag from a garbage can.

Suffering the loss of his brother and knowing that the killer is still at large, Diggle decides to join Oliver in his quest to make Starling City a safe place to live.

But before the two men can get to work, Oliver is arrested!

It’s come to Walter’s attention that there is $2.6 million missing in the company. That seems like an awfully big accounting error. Walter tells his wife about the money and she admits that it was her who took the sum to invest in a friend’s start-up company.

Starting to realize that his wife is shady as a forest, Walter asks Felicity Smoke to discreetly look into the company Moira invested in. Felicity goes through the files and discovers that there was never a company, but there was an off shore bank account and a warehouse called Tempest in the city bought with the money.

Moira meets with another man who seems to be involved in the league of criminals her husband was once a part of and the two discuss their new enemy – Arrow.

Walter decides to check things out for himself and manages to get through the security code and into the building.

He’s shocked to find the remaining pieces of the ship that took Robert Queen and left Oliver on a deserted island for five years! WOW! Game changer!


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