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Arrow Ep. 5: Damaged

November 9th, 2012

Oliver’s plan to get himself arrested puts him in jeopardy of losing everything, while Laurel finally begins to understand what Oliver went through while on the island. Find out what happened on tonight’s brand new episode of Arrow after the jump!

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Oliver’s flashback to his time on the island in this week’s episode offers a huge amount of insight into how he transformed himself from playboy to vigilante and received so many scars. While being taught to hunt by his teacher, Oliver is captured and handcuffed by a gang of men who terrorize the island. After keeping him handcuffed in a cell, the gang bring Oliver to their headquarters.

Oliver meets Edward Fise, the leader of the gang, and is shown a picture of the man who has been training Oliver in an old army uniform. Oliver denies knowing the man and is promised death as a result of his silence.

By this guy. Yikes. I’d tell them anything.

The guy in the terrifying mask begins stabbing Oliver while Fiske demands to know where Oliver’s teacher is hiding.

Before Oliver is able to pass out from the pain, his teacher, in full Arrow mode, breaks into the tent and frees Oliver while fighting off the masked torturer.

Back in present time, Oliver is being questioned by Detective Lance after he was arrested and charged with working as the hooded vigilante. Oliver tells Laurel’s father that he found the duffel bag and saw the hood and decided to hide it and keep it from the Arrow.

He also thinks that Laurel will see that he’s innocent and do the best job representing him in court. But he’s not innocent. Did he forget that part? Oliver refuses to have anyone other than Laurel represent him, so thankfully she decides to take the case. Bail is set at $15 million and requires Oliver to wear a GPS tracking device. Is it green? It would help with matching.

Diggle visits Oliver, who says that he knew the cameras were on him and wanted to get arrested. Oliver knows that it’s only a matter of time before people realize the vigilante showed up as soon as Oliver returned home. A German gun seller named Mueller is in town to make a huge arms deal and Oliver wants Diggle to wear the hood to stop the transaction from happening.

Walter has a private meeting with the head of Queen security and asks him to move all the pieces of the Queen’s Gambit to a secure location, explaining that he found the boat in a warehouse the week before. It doesn’t take long for Walter to realize just how deep Moira’s desire goes to keep the shipwreck a secret, when he gets a call the next day and learns the head of security was killed in a ‘car accident’ and begins to suspect the hit was orchestrated by his wife.

The prosecutor in Oliver’s case offers to cut Oliver a plea deal that will land him in a mental hospital. Instead, Oliver offers to take a polygraph test in front of Detective Lance to prove his innocence. Oliver passes the test, but Detective Lance still refuses to drop the charges. Well, that was a waste of paper.

To create a cover, Oliver throws a jail-themed party as his house.

Laurel shows up to apologize to Oliver for her father’s behaviour towards him, explaining that her mother left the family after her sister’s death and her father has never dealt with either tragedy. Laurel begins to ask Oliver about his time on the island and Oliver shows his scars, telling her that he was tortured. Laurel kisses Oliver, but quickly pulls away and runs off.

Oliver’s night goes from bad to worse when an assassin is sent to his room to kill him during the party. Thankfully, the gun fire sets off Oliver’s ankle bracelet, alerting Detective Lance who was downstairs waiting for Oliver to mess up at his party. Instead, the Detective saves Oliver and later removes the ankle monitor after he received word that the hooded vigilante broke up an arms deal on the other side of town. Good job Diggle!

Knowing that the assassin was sent by the man who seems to know all about the shipwreck, Moira meets with her acquaintance and tells him to leave her son alone, pointing out that he’s been cleared of charges of being the vigilante and won’t be targeting them. Is she good or bad? I think maybe a bit of both.
Confronting his wife about the boat, Moira tells Walter to stop looking into the Queen’s Gambit or he will be putting himself in danger. Instead, Walter decides to leave Starling City indefinitely.


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