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Artists Much Has Been With Since The Beginning

August 15th, 2014

Ed Sheeran 2014 MMVAs

Much is turning 30 and to celebrate three decades of ground-breaking, iconic, and sometimes straight-up insane moments (oh, we’ve had our moments) we’ll be taking a look back at some of the most memorable interviews, performances, specials and more.

Today we’re looking at artists that Much has been with since their beginnings. From their first TV appearance to their first time on the incredible MMVA stage, these are the artists that we’ve grown up on with on Much and we’re proud proud to say ‘we knew them when’.

Don’t miss Much’s 30 Years of Much special airing Saturday, August 30 at 9E/6P on Much.

Billy Talent

Holding the official record for most MMVA wins and the unofficial co-record with Marianas Trench for greatest MMVA red carpet arrivals, we’ve been with the boys from Billy Talent since Day 1. As one of the greatest rock bands to ever come out of Canada, we’ve loved watching the foursome grow, with their brilliant music videos and hard hitting albums always keeping us on our toes.


Avril Lavigne

The 17 year-old skater girl from Napanee, ON, broke ground as one of the youngest artists to ever boast writing credits on their debut album. From neckties to bums (never forget) to Chavril, we’ve loved watching Avril Lavigne blossom into one of the greatest songwriters of our generation.


Justin Bieber

In 2009, a shaggy-haired kid from Stratford, ON ushered in the YouTube generation and became one of the biggest pop stars of all time. That same year, the virtually unknown Justin Bieber performed on Much, met his guitar player and musical director Dan Kanter, and solidified himself as a star in the making.

We were blown away the first time we saw JB on the Much stage, and that feeling never left during his MMVA performances and Christmas specials that followed. We’ve been Beliebers since the beginning and will always have a special place in our heart for JB.


Down With Webster

They weren’t rock, they weren’t rap, and they weren’t pop, but when the Much crew booked the then-unknown Toronto band Down With Webster to play a company after-party, we knew they were the real deal. We became such huge fans of DWW that we even added them to our MMVA hat trick club, scoring the band for the 2010, 2011 and 2012 MMVAs.


Ed Sheeran

Also a member of the MMVA hat-trick club is one of the greatest voices to ever come out of the UK, and that’s saying A LOT. Ed Sheeran began burning up the charts in the UK in 2012, but little was known of the singer/songwriter in North America. All it took was one listen of Sheeran’s debut album + to know we had to have him at the 2012 MMVAs, and the 2013 MMVAs, and the 2014 MMVAs. We’re kinda greedy.

He’s made us laugh with his interviews, he’s made us cry with his songs, he’s made us swoon with his performances, and we even let him tattoo our VJs.


Lady Gaga

In 2008, a New Yorker calling herself Lady Gaga performed for one of the first times on TV on the Much stage. She was the second coming of Madonna, but also completely unique. A few months later she made her MMVA debut and solidified herself as the artist with literally the most explosive performance in the history of the award show.

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Marianas Trench

We’ve had an eight-year crush on Marianas Trench here at Much and it’s time to make it official. The foursome burst onto the national stage with their debut at Much in 2006 and quickly became known for their emotional rock singles, hilarious and inventive music videos, and show-stopping MMVA performances. As die-hard Trenchers, we can’t wait to see what’s next for the guys.

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Sam Roberts Band

Most people look back on pictures from over a decade ago and think ugh, why did I wear that? Sam Roberts Band have defied the odds and managed to look cool throughout the questionable fashion of the 2000s. In 2003, the Montreal-natives released We Were Born In A Flame and brought Canadian folk music to the mainstream. We were just happy to be along for the ride.



Exactly ten years ago, many of us remember rushing home to see this kid with a lip ring and hilarious sense of humour embody everyone from David Bowie to Paul Anka on Canadian Idol. On his last episode of the short-lived singing show, a 20-year-old Jacob Hoggard asked people to not vote for him, while wearing a shirt with the word ‘Hedley’ printed on it.

We should have known then that the kid with the magical voice and incredible stage presence would go on to front one of our favourite bands. Much has been with Hedley since the beginning and in the past decade we’ve witnessed a lot of killer performances, devoted fans, nudity, and incredible albums.



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