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Avril Lavigne is awkward everywhere

May 5th, 2014

avril awkward

Fans in Brazil must have been pretty psyched when they spent $400 to be part of an exclusive meet and greet with their idol, Avril Lavigne. Which means they must have also been pretty bummed when they found out they needed to stay an arm’s length away from the pop-punk princess at all times.

The results are so incredibly cringe worthy, that we couldn’t help but place Avril in our own awkward scenarios:

Avril might have had something to do with the Toronto Raptors losing the series…
Raptors Avril

Avril wanted to avoid a Brick In Her Face from internet sensation, Stitches.
Stitches Avril

Avril and Kim Kardashian had a blast while Sad Kanye sits out and ponders the meaning behind the song, Hello Kitty.
Sad Kanye Kim Avril

Avril and Rihanna clearly have different ideas of what a meet-and-greet entails.
Rihanna Avril

Avril is definitely keeping an arm’s length away from this guy.
Rob Ford Avril

We think we found Joffrey’s killer.
Joffrey GOT Avril

Avril traveled back in time to hang out at her hubby Chad Kroeger’s concert back in 2001.

And, of course: Avril awkwardly posing with her much more serious 18-year-old self.
Old Avril New Avril

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